Little Witch Academia Episode 18: Pierce the heavens

I really did enjoy this episode and appreciated that the series was giving this nod to a side character. It also conveniently hits on a lot of the elements I like in an episode. Am I biased towards mechas? Absolutely! And I'm not ashamed of that. I also thought that Constanze was the most interesting character in the cast before this episode and the episode did a good job of affirming that. I just hope she doesn't fall into obscurity past this point.

Haha please tell me that scoreboard is real and not fansub trickery.

Classic Akko. So, a Constanze-focused episode? I can get behind that.

While it's true that the secret entrance to the secret laboratory on the bed is pretty cool, why don't Constanze's roommates know or at least guess that she's in her lab if they already know about the button on the bed?

This expression is awesome. Constanze really needed this extra characterization. She was an interesting character before this point and this episode is really helping so far.

Maybe I'm being overly picky, but I think Constanze is more interesting when she's able to get the point across without words. The thing she wrote on the chalkboard was cool because she reuses it in a later situation, but I feel like it would have been easy to get these robots to throw Akko out without yelling at her to get out.

I notice that Constanze has an actual computer in her lab instead of the witch-net orb that the other witches have.

Giving Akko the role of gathering supplies for the ship somewhat ties in with the recent episode about the green moss, so we know she's up to the task. That's pretty cool.

Wait, if normal people can't see the ghosts or the game, why is it a problem that they're here? Just unnecessary risk?

Why even worry about the people at the ghost hunt? This scene isn't exactly subtle for the witches.

I have no problem with this.

Where have I seen this before?

I've been waiting for this from the beginning. Constanze has always been the techie of the cast and it makes sense that she had the knowledge to provide Akko with a way to get past her magical inability. She even showcased a tricked-out broom in an earlier episode, so it's nice to see that Akko finally gets a broom she can use.

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