Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 6: You had one job, Leeroy

Well, I have to say I thought this episode was a pretty decent ending for this magic tournament thing. While it's true that the tournament itself ended up being a bit...forgotten, I thought this episode did a good job of putting everything together for its conclusion. There were still a couple of things I found weird, but it was overall enjoyable. Plus, we finally got the Akashic Records name drop? That's relevant, right?

While this explains why Cecilia was so cryptic before, do we honestly need more teasers on how the curse is supposed to work?

Oh, and was I supposed to be shocked about this development? Because I can totally try and fake it if it helps.

Haha nice one. Although this isn't the first time Albert has done something like this to Riel, I really wasn't expecting this gag. And I like how it makes sense given that we've only ever seen Albert stop Riel from going overboard.

Also, I was going to complain that Glenn didn't recognize their fighting style given that they had a history together, but that gets explained when it's shown that he doesn't initially recognize them.

I like this plan.

Something about this part of the conversation feels weird. Would Albert really doubt that Celica would say something like "come before the queen" seriously? This feels like a forced way to introduce Celica's title, something I would expect Albert to know.

I have admit...this seems like really solid motivation.

Well, this explains why Sistine couldn't go help Glenn. I was kinda wondering that. Still, I wonder how much this tournament stuff really does anything rather than act as background noise. For many of the events, we don't even see enough to really learn anything about the side characters involved. Maybe they were just too rushed?

I really liked this scene. I was honestly just about to ask why Glenn switched with Albert if Albert was the one who got to stand in front of the queen when the awards were announced. This also explains the weird moment between Sistine and Riel earlier that I wasn't sure was worth mentioning...she probably realized that Riel was actually Rumia. This scene is also a good way of justifying all of the focus they gave to transmutation spells in the previous episode. It brings a lot of things together.

Hmm...given that we know this necklace has some kind of condition on it, I'm guessing that she's forced to push Rumia away or it will be activated? Maybe the condition is that if Rumia displays affection for her mother by figuring out the lie, the curse will activate. This would explain why Celica isn't saying anything...she wouldn't want to inadvertently activate it. Since Glenn is the only person that can save the queen, he probably has to activate the Fool Arcana.

Wait...if who reveals how to undo the curse? Because the maid revealed it to Celica, which suggests that only the wearer of the pendant isn't allowed to reveal how to undo the curse. So why couldn't Celica tell Glenn? This was so close to making sense and coming together, but that last piece doesn't sit well with me.

Wait, they were supposed to investigate the background of this maid? That implies that they did it beforehand. Why is this just coming up now? These guys sound like they suck at their job (well, we can't really expect much out of Riel when it comes to investigation).

Casual drunk Sistine.

Not bad, but I think these are never going to top Celica lowering herself on a rope.

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