Re:Creators Episode 5: Giant robot is here

This episode had a lot of entertaining moments, but that's also what bugs me about the show. It feels like the comedic moments are when I'm most interested, but isn't this a serious show? I thought that Rui's introduction was entertaining because it highlighted a character weakness that made him frustrating as a person, but was placed in by the author to make a scene in the story make more sense. In this kind of story, I think that's an interesting concept.

It seems like the more serious conversations of the episode didn't have a real point behind them, though, like Meteora's conversation with Kikuchihara. The rest was a bit of a rehash of what we already know from the government's perspective. Also, the revelation of the week wasn't too much of a surprise. I think I said before that it was the only way to make Sota relevant in the show.

While this isn't a bad entrance for the giant robot of this series, I don't understand how this guy knew to bring the TV outside in time for this to happen. When you see weird static and a strange character on your TV screen, I don't think the natural reaction is "the characters are going to come out of the TV".

That does sound a lot like a mecha pilot.

Yeah! Mecha series are always original! Right?

Haha rejected. Also lolicon confirmed?

Let me get this straight. A giant robot (designed for combat) appeared by this house and the Japanese military are here to capture these guys?

I guess this was taken in the night, but I would have expected less grainy pictures in a smartphone world.

Her name is Alicetaria February and her story is published in Monthly Tuesday? I feel like I should be making fun of this.

Haha I didn't even think about the weapons Meteora used in that first fight. She's pretty casual about all of this money she wasted.

I guess it's a stretch to conclude that the girl in the military uniform is trying to destroy the world. When I saw the graph earlier of the strange readings that the government had noticed, I kinda assumed they'd realized that the world was being destabilized by the powers of the Created.

You know, I was expecting this shadowy organization to already exist in the world, but this series decides to build it on the spot. I think it's an interesting change, but I'm still a bit suspicious of the organization.

I really don't understand what this conversation's doing at all.

Okay, I'm not surprised that this girl (presumably the one who died at the beginning of the series) is the one behind the girl with military uniform. But this scene seems to heavily suggest that Sota collaborated with this work, which would explain why the girl seemed to recognize him. So, why is he just now realizing this? The resemblance wasn't striking enough?

  • Flow - Captain Nyanpasu

    May 7, 2017, 5:08 p.m.

    I don't know if I should still think that Sota collaborated with this work.. at least in a direct way.. but on the other hand.. maybe the show is trying to make you think that he isn't involved that much? D:
    Damn mech pilots.. *calls the Heavy Object crew*
    I was laughing so hard when the creator of Shinj - I mean the mech pilot was totally regretting his decision to make him like this lol



    May 7, 2017, 5:33 p.m.

    i guess it depends on how much the creations know about their creators. there's no way the girl in the military uniform would be able to recognize sota unless she got it from her creator, right?

    but the mech pilot did nothing wrong? D:

    yeah, that was pretty good...but he did it for the story!


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