Sakurada Reset Episode 5: Mirror Master

I really couldn't wrap my head around this episode. Sure, the concept of the girl who doesn't like to break the rules is simple, but the parts of the episode that were designed to give it depth felt ultimately meaningless. What did the "pure object" thing really accomplish? I don't like breaking rules either, but it has nothing to do with preserving any kind of purity. Maybe I just couldn't resonate with the message there. But in the end, what did the episode accomplish? Sera performs an action that makes her feel like she would lose the pure object in her heart, but Kei reveals that it didn't. Doesn't that reinforce her desire to preserve the rules? Maybe the episode was one big "you're fine the way you are" message the completely went over my head. Anyway, I'm just glad to be done with it.

Wait, so Murase's return to school is the lead into the next ability user on the list? There's no way that's a coincidence. Also, mental note to self: key word for this mystery is "pure".

I agree with this statement with regards to Misora's power, but Kei's power should useful alone. He can access any memory, right?

Well, this mystery is already seeming less violent than previous ones.

Honestly, I think "inside the marble" is more accurate. If I had to guess, I would say "alternate dimension bounded by the marble", which isn't too different from "inside the marble". The reflection should just be the light returning from the marble, which implies that she exists in the normal world for the marble to reflect.

I understand that there's an ulterior motive here, but she's literally just telling you about her day. While I am willing to believe that Kei is learning about Sera's personality through this conversation, it doesn't make it any easier to sit through.

Also, they completely skip over the fact that Sera has used her power twice in the past. How did she get out before? Shouldn't this be the first thing you ask?

Huh? I know I haven't been fully paying attention, but when did Sera mention being close with a classmate from middle school? Who is Kei talking about?

I think that Sera is making a distinction between "weird" and "special" here based on the value that is placed on each word. I think that Misora's response is valid. It can be argued that something that is weird is rare and can therefore be called special. We just assign a negative connotation to the word "weird" and a positive connotation to the word "special". This concept, however, is completely ignored in this conversation.

This flashback is meant to be a response to the question "why was it okay to skip the entrance ceremony?"

Huh...her backstory was surprisingly less interesting than I expected. She wanted to keep herself pure and followed the rules as a result? Isn't that...common?

If there's one thing I like about this series, it's watching Kei rip apart the "deep answer" that someone else has come up with to explain the situation and propose a much simpler explanation. I think it's common for us to think that our thoughts and decisions come about through careful consideration or some underlying mental block. But in the end, sometimes the simplest of thoughts can trigger the decisions we make.

What really changed here? Is the point of the ending to ease Sera into the idea of breaking the rules? At the end of the day, she didn't actually break a rule, but you could make the argument that she convinced herself to break the rule, which is a step in that direction.

I never really asked this before now, but...when did this story happen? Was it before the previous arc or after it?

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