Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 5: Jewelry Drama

This episode ended up being pretty strange. Overall, I didn't really find it as interesting as other episodes have been. The pendant-less meeting with the queen went pretty much as expected and Glenn's lectures didn't really contribute as much. I'm still curious to see how it pans out, though, as the queen thing could still go a few different ways.

The main thing about the episode that bothered me was the transformation magic. A spell like that feels like it could have some far-reaching uses and it's strange that it was introduced so quickly in this episode as a gag. I was thinking of so many other ways it could be used to move the plot. Is there a bigger reason? Could the queen be an illusion?

Wait...are these guys potential allies? Are they not here to take out the queen? Also, today I learned that pulling a girl's ponytail sounds like a horse neighing.

Okay, this conversation really should have been simple, but either the translation or the dialogue itself makes it really confusing. It sounds like this girl is saying that she wants to trade away participation in the transmutation contest because she doesn't think she can do it. Glenn tells her to participate anyway because she wants to do it, but for some reason, I got the impression that she was trying to say she wanted to do a different event. Maybe it's because of the whole "swapping with someone else" part.

Now that I think about it. Why exactly did Glenn choose Rumia for this? The easiest person for him to envision while doing his transformation would have been the person in front of him. Even if he was just choosing someone he spent a lot of time with, I would have expected him to choose Sistine. I thought it might be to give him a scene with the people who know Rumia is royalty, but it looks like it's just to play tricks on Sistine.

No, Sistine. Ruining the sandwiches was your fault. Glenn only grabbed one of them, but you blew away the entire lunchbox.

Excuse me while I act surprised.

So I don't fault the queen for not realizing that Rumia is reacting to the pendant here. Rumia has good reason to be upset with her, so she probably wouldn't think to bring up a trinket. But, if she cared so much about the pendant that she was wearing it up to the carriage ride to the stadium, why did she so easily swap it out for a different one? Heck, why not wear both? Because the plot demands it? I'm seriously with Rumia on this one.

I honestly don't mind how this character is introduced. No need to give her partner some throwaway line like "you never think anything through". We can just see it. And as my obligatory response, keep it together, Leeroy.

That's not her ear, Glenn!

Eh, I guess I agree with this. I think it's easy to look back at any decision, regardless of outcome, and wonder what would have happened if things had been different. I guess what Glenn is saying is that you shouldn't waste time looking for the perfect solution that frees you from regret, because figuring out which decision you will regret the least sounds equally difficult.

What is the point of those visors, guys? Sure, they wouldn't block all the light, but it would certainly help.

I sure hope they explain this "only you can do it" thing well. I was honestly expecting Glenn to figure out quickly.

This rock in particular is important.

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