Suka Suka Episode 4: Growing up

Well, this episode was quite the ride. I honestly didn't know what to expect from it and I appreciated that the episode avoided the very obvious cliffhanger it could have dropped. I guess it really was too early for the tragedy to happen. Heck, the entire first half of the episode was probably a bait, introducing the leprechauns in a way that made Tiat feel like she was about to become a replacement for someone. It's really hard to talk about this series as a whole because I feel like the things I pick up on that are truly entertaining are so minor and interspersed. It's really fun to watch, though.

I'm almost afraid to ask given the stuff I've heard about this series. Does it all go nuts from here?

Yeah, Willem. I know how you feel.

While I was surprised to see this dream sequence, it made itself obvious really quickly (though to be fair, it doesn't throw it in your face, which I appreciate). It's hard to believe that Willem would make the mistake of calling for Ctholly this second time. Of course, the music also gets really eerie after that, so maybe I'm just acting smart.

Something that really hasn't been mentioned much before this point that becomes really obvious here is the difference between "disfeatured" and "human". We might be inclined to see them as the same thing, but we've been told that Willem is the only surviving human. This means that discrimination has developed such that having a human appearance is looked down upon. Another example of showing the world indirectly.

I wonder if this explanation of the harbinger dream is meant to have any relation to the dream that Willem had.

While I'm not completely paying attention to Tiat's rants, I must admit that it's a fairly natural way to show off different parts of this town.

This police arrest was much funnier than it should have been.

Oh...I take back what I said about Willem's dream. I guess that was just supposed to be a parallel occurrence to relate his worries to the harbinger dream. So...does this mean Tiat is next?

Well, clearly she doesn't understand that, Willem. Is that even a question?


The mission failed? That's...oddly vague. Don't tell me...

Phew...I didn't know what to think with this show yet. Nice moves there, Willem. There's something distinctly different about this scene, where Willem is allowed to naturally notice the girls and react rather than having the standard fanfare or surprise tap on the shoulder.

I don't mind having Ithea here as the voice of understanding when it comes to Willem. But it's a bit weird to have her tell us how she understands that Willem puts up a brave face a lot right after saying she didn't think he'd be so messed up. Maybe it's just me.

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