Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Episode 4: Kissing is complicated

Looks like the travelling portion is over. I liked the way this episode started and the themes it seemed be pushing, but the second half of the episode felt like it wasted a lot of time. I get that the "merry travelling" parts were meant to make the ending more impactful, but a few of the scenes seemed to be rehashing things that I could infer from the montage scenes. I will say, though, that the use of rocks right after Mercenary hit one of the witches was a cool thing. I hadn't really been looking out for stuff like that before now. Anyway, since we're finally at the town that's supposed to house the Grimoire, it looks like the story is starting to move along. Wonder how it will go.

I can't tell if this is supposed to be a joke that Zero's curse won't work or that it's pointless (either because Mercenary knows that she's bluffing or because it doesn't change anything).

Haha Mercenary and Zero look so messed up in this scene. Anyway, there's probably a message about race in here somewhere. Mercenary acknowledges that most beastfallen have a crappy upbringing and have become unstable as a result, so he perpetuates the stereotype of the dangerous beastfallen to help protect the kids. I can't really decide whether I think this is a good thing or a bad thing.

There's something a bit off about this statement, but my interpretation is that Zero wishes that the world was more black and white...that humans could be more easily put in the "evil" bucket. It just feels weird that she adds two conditions on it. If she had said, "I wish you weren't human", then it feels a bit more natural. It just feels like there are too many qualifications here.

Haha I laughed a little bit too much at Albus's false attempt to cover his eyes.

Huh...I must be kissing incorrectly.

And they're friends now.

Mercenary is surprisingly dense. Well, he's a light novel protagonist, so maybe it's not that surprising.

Using this scene as a transition to symbolize Mercenary giving Zero another hit to the head is a nice touch.

This isn't the first time this episode that a witch has produced a flame in front of Mercenary. Is he just stubborn about sticking with his own methods or what?

Again, why is this conversation happening now? When they were taking shelter from the rain, there was a clear moment where Albus summons a flame with magic and Mercenary tries to copy the technique. So why does this conversation seem like it's such a new idea?

This weather is way too ominous for a lighthearted return home.

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