Re:Creators Episode 4: Us or them

This episode ended up being more entertaining than the previous ones. Meteora's musings seemed to be somewhat valid thoughts that made me want to actually think about the world of this series. Also, the episode showed the split between the two main groups in the series, a distinction that is honestly reasonable. The main characters have no real quarrel with the world, whereas the characters that are with the girl in the military uniform are presented with more of a choice between saving their own world or saving the world of their Creator. So it's pretty understandable that they would be less interested in the real world.

Oh right...I forgot about these two.

I feel like this reaction from Meteora is meant to further the "parent child" analogy from last week.

This is mostly reasonable. An author doesn't necessarily want a good ending for every character, so it's hard to make the analogy to a parent unless they actually care.

I agree with the conclusion, but I'm hesitant on the reasoning. It's hard to accept that there's some binding force that tries to make the world make "sense". That implies that it has to make sense to someone or something, which seems arbitrary. I think it's more reasonable to say that their powers disrupt the natural progression of the world and that the effect is potentially dangerous if done too much.

These not-so-subtle nods to the amount of work creators put into their works overall tend to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Am I nuts? It just feels like pandering in a small sense. Anyway, that must be an 8-hour game if Meteora was able to get through it in a night. It's hard to imagine it has as much of a deeply-developed world as she claims.


Putting this here for no reason in particular.

They make it feel like it's some sort of huge revelation that the girl in the military uniform might have a death wish...

Lines like this make me really want to say that Souta is the Creator responsible for the girl in the military uniform. I'm not entirely sure how or why yet without some form of time travel, but this guy has to have a purpose somehow.

Hold on...I want to hear more about this. Power of the Creators?


The mecha has arrived! Sweet!

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