Attack on Titan Episode 30: Just in time

I'm not totally convinced with this episode. Given the way the previous episode ended, I found it odd that half of this episode was devoted to the flashback. Based on other reactions I've seen, it looks like this isn't the first time in this season where scenes in the manga were shuffled in order to create an episode ending with more of a cliffhanger. I'm just not sure I appreciate that.

That being said, I have to say that the most interesting part for me in this series is how the story handles information. I think the series manages what information each character knows and how they react to situations based on that very well. It's something I have to constantly remind myself while I'm watching.

And as a final question for this episode...what happened to the Beast Titan?

Now that we've established that Ymir, the girl who is always with Christa, is a Titan, it's time to give those two some backstory!

Darn it, Ymir. I was going to ask that.

Whoa, this is kind of messed up. The problem I had with this scene is I've seen enough from Ymir to see it as another attempt at being extreme. I get that the scene is basically screaming that what Ymir is saying is actually accurate, but it's less believable coming from her.

Haha "borrowing". That was funnier than it should have been and completely unrelated to the scene.

As we later find out, Eren and the others are on their way to find Ymir and Christa, but I guess in this world it makes a little sense that the two wouldn't rely on that.

Ymir had a lot of confidence that Christa could make it back on her own give that she literally tossed Christa into a tree.

Wow, they're related to that Titan! Who would have thought?

Always weird to have to remind myself of how much information these guys have at this point. I think they're line of reasoning is pretty understandable given what they've seen so far. Sure, Ymir has been their ally, but Annie was the same. Plus, Ymir seems to be aware of her Titan powers, more so than Eren, so it's almost like a betrayal.

This is cool and all, I'm not sure how much it makes sense for Ymir to go straight to destroying the tower when Christa yells at her to stop worrying about it.

That's a considerable amount of plot armor for a side character, especially in a show like this. Just in the nick of time.

He's a little bit too happy about that one.

That's a name?

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