Sakurada Reset Episode 4: That looked painful

I really don't like how this series constantly makes me feel like nothing has been thought out. I admit this episode did make more sense than some of the previous episodes, but the experience of actually watching it was really frustrating. I think it's because the main revelations in this episode are largely obvious because the scenes that lead up to them are too absurd otherwise. And the vaguely explained powers really aren't helping.

My main unanswered question of the episode is why did the second reset actually work on Murase? In both instances, she says the same thing to activate her ability, and yet the reset in the first fight of the episode erases her memory while the reset in the second fight doesn't. If you ask me, I think that the scene is put there solely so that Kei can figure out that she's keeping her memory after the reset. If she was trying to fake out Kei in the first fight by acting like she was going to keep her memory after the reset when she really wanted to forget, she wouldn't need to say anything.

Side note: I don't particularly mind the multiple flashbacks to Sumire in this episode. I think it's meant to show that Kei is constantly reminded of the last day he spent with her or that he purposely revisits it to try and figure out what happened.

Well, this is awkward. I was going with "people in Sakurada inherently know how their powers work" as an excuse for why Misora knows how her reset works. I guess not.

This girl's pretty expressive for this series. To be fair, I quite like it, but it still needs to be said.

I'm sure this is a translation thing, but "information" is a really vague word. For example, you could argue that a person's entire existence is a sum of information. What exactly does he steal? Memories? Thoughts? This is actually interesting, but apparently it's more important to liken him to a vampire.

First off, let me just say that this scene feels way too casual for what's at stake. Murase's trying to erase Kei from existence, right? Next up, she chooses to erase gravel, which I'm assuming is an attempt to make it so she can't trip when she's moving around, but it creates a much bigger problem. Why does she restrict the "human body" erasing bit to her right hand?

This fight is clearly a distraction, right? That's the only way I can reconcile everything. It's probably meant as an empty threat to force the reset to happen. That would explain why Murase handicaps herself by only using her right hand and why the scene doesn't feel dramatic. It even explains the scene where Kei notices that the erased things return to existence after some time has passed. Why erase Kei from existence if he would reappear soon after the fact?

Hah! Get it? It's a literal MacGuffin! Funny, right? Right??

I'm having the hardest time believing this.

This ability is so confusing. Why does she need to specify that the fingernails stab people? Does declaring a purpose for the body part in the first sentence change the way the ability manifests? Does it make that so that the ability only activates if she's stabbing a person with her fingernails? Either she's purposely misleading Kei about her ability or this series has no idea how her power works either.

I've watched this entire conversation twice and I still don't understand why Kei should save this girl. Plus, what's up with this line? The Bureau will punish Murase severely for harming another ability user? What if she harmed a non-ability user? Shouldn't that receive even harsher treatment?

Again, why is she here?

Change the Bureau from within it! Where have I heard this before?

While this explanation is largely okay, I still don't understand what the MacGuffin had to do with anything. It seems like it's only purpose was to get Murase and Kei to interact together more seriously. Maybe it was just a misdirection for Murase's true intentions, but when you look at the entire story in the context of Murase's goal of saving the cat, it has no business existing.

This is the problem with a series revolving around a magic town where any ability is possible. There's literally no way this doesn't get undone, so it has no impact.

Just in case you thought Misora was actually changing after seeing Kei's death, here's a reminder that she gets that wiped clean.

  • Flow - Captain Nyanpasu

    April 28, 2017, 5:31 p.m.

    Yup yup. Great episode lol
    I don't know why I enjoy this show.. maybe the reason is somewhere between "it kinda makes sense", "it is a concept that works for me", "Haruki is weird, cute and useless except her reset skill" and "Protag-kun is insane and he'll be save 'cause the events after the reset won't change for him!"

    I mean.. would you really let yourself be killed after you saw a couple of changes after the resets?



    April 28, 2017, 5:56 p.m.

    eh...the concept is interesting and a decent amount of it makes sense. but id say that there are still some gaping holes in these episodes.

    why not? :D


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