Little Witch Academia Episode 16: Green thumb

I know that the Word of Arcturus was integrated into this episode, but it's a pretty standard episode regardless...a single task focused around a theme. To be fair to this episode, Akko's transition was a bit more subtle in throughout the episode, but I'm not sure I like how it ended. It seemed to suggest that while Akko was able to realize her shortcoming and activate the Word, it will ultimately have little effect on her. It makes it seem like she can just activate a Word and forget about it from that point on.

The theme of the episode is pretty simple this time with its heavy "patience" focus. Patience and tolerance are basically the same thing, right? I got thrown off because patience didn't seem to be in a factor in Akko's reaction to the pastry.

Hey, this is how I solve problems. I'm not sure why the Witch Google took so long to return results for a query like "words", though. Does it wait until loading all of the results before displaying them? I expect better from you, Witch Google.

Yup, even after that explanation from Ursula last week about needing to understand the meaning of the words, Akko still tries this. Also, I wish the Words of Arcturus didn't have an order. They seem like they're general life lessons, so it's a bit frustrating that they match the progression of Akko's character.

Yes, good...let the hate flow through you.

I get the feeling these scenes are meant to demonstrate the trait that Akko is lacking that will relate to the fourth word. Based on how frustrated she's been getting at Lotte's house, I'm guessing it's something like "tolerance" or "flexibility".

Wow, that's really specific. How many times has this happened in the past?

I'm actually with Akko on this one. Humans are part of nature, so what's wrong with speeding up the process?

This moss works pretty fast. I feel like I should have seen this coming...

Haha this isn't bad.

I'm surprised that Akko is the one that notices this. The past few scenes have been trying to establish that Akko is incredibly impatient, but she sits through all of these attempts at creating the yeti medicine just fine without giving up and running off with one that's close enough. Sure, she yells at the yeti eventually, but it's after quite a few failures.

For Akko, the moss decides to take its time because plot armor!

Oh right...this guy's name is Nicholas. That didn't even cross my mind.

With how specific the ingredients to this antidote were, I'm surprised the actual assembly is as simple as "throw them together and stir".

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