Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 4: Some friendly competition

This episode was pretty entertaining, but it felt like it was mostly downtime (and setup). I'm starting to think I like Glenn more when he's not fighting for know, when he's actually acting like a teacher. I don't think I have many more specific things to say about the episode as a whole. Next week, I guess we save the queen?

This seems very suspiciously like something the grand commander of the imperial guard would know, meaning it's likely put here just so the audience knows that the woman we saw earlier is Rumia's mother. Even if Rumia wasn't at the center of incident, Zelos seems to know that Rumia is there, so it's not insane for the queen to be worried after hearing of an attack at the school.

This actually reminds me a lot of my own school teachers. "If none of you want to volunteer, I'll just decide it myself."

I always appreciate it when someone shows their work. Seriously, Glenn's explanations are probably my favorite part of this series because it makes it feel more like thought is put into things.

Haha I really wasn't expecting Glenn to have this ulterior motive, but I admit it's funny and fits with his character.

I take back everything I've ever said about teachers. Having to deal with your students' expectations is true suffering. I can't even tell whether I want Glenn to win or lose.

Training montage!

Sistine has some nice parents...

Wait, she just randomly offers the queen a new pendant to wear? That's insanely suspicious. I guess they do try to play it off in the next scene by giving the pendant the second purpose of throwing some tension between Rumia and her mother, but I'm not gonna let that slide. Why the heck does the queen even agree to it? I'm almost inclined to agree with Rumia that she doesn't treasure the pendant with her own daughter's picture.

Wait...aren't you competing with Class 1? It looks like you're losing.

Uh...bro? Keep it together.

I'm gonna be honest...I wasn't a fan of this misdirection. Glenn just got through making a big deal about how Rumia has surprising mental strength and yet he and Sistine have to personally go down just to comfort her with her loss? Nope, this is done purely to make the Jaill reveal more shocking and it really bugs me.

Haha yup, I still really like these.

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