Seikaisuru Kado Episode 3: All the power

This series continues to be intriguing, but I question where it's going. I really did like the conversations about information transmission because it made it clear how important this discussion was. However, I'm not sure I'm totally on board with Yaha-kui's decision to just grant Japan magic energy-producing balls from the start. As hinted in the preview, that's something that would cause massive political problems when you get into conversations of how they should be distributed and whether they're even safe. Plus, unlimited power drawn from a higher dimension. Where have I seen this premise before? I vaguely recall a W or something...

I'm also not sure I like the excessive jargon that Yaha-kui uses when Japanese words aren't appropriate. Maybe that's just something I'll have to learn to tolerate, though. But seriously, what's the next step? Is Yaha-kui just going to keep producing new thing after new thing for humanity to enjoy?

This is an interesting idea. It's true that information is inherently difficult to transfer in communication, but 90% seems pretty good. Yaha-kui also seems to indicate that directly speaking to the brain rather than using sound reduces the information lost. Assuming he's using language, it feels like it's hard for that to be the case, but it's also possible that we focus on different parts of a sentence based on how we hear them.

A rather indirect method of saying that Yaha-kui's first encounter with Shindo was an attempt to directly send information to his brain. I rather enjoy it when aliens take shots at how weak the human brain really is.

Pfft...good luck with that. Also, is Shindo being fed this information telepathically without anyone else hearing or does he just understand what Yaha-kui wants?

That's kinda convenient.

Wait, is this supposed to be casting doubt on Shindo's motives? Wonder where this will go. It could just be a casual nod at Shindo's skills.

Urgh...I hate it when they do this convenient drowning out of an important line thing.

I think this just makes things more confusing. Is what he's calling "the universe" the same as what we call the universe? Or is he saying that the planet Earth is what he will refer to as "the universe"? I'm going to assume the first one because otherwise his next statement is nonsensical.

Yeah, higher dimension conversations are probably more easily transmitted visually...

Still, the way this is presented seems a bit odd (more physics-minded people can correct me if I'm mistaken). The arm is shown shrinking out of view when it leaves 3D space and growing into view when it returns to 3D space. I'm assuming this is meant to show that the arm progresses into the extra dimension rather than immediately jumping into it? But why does that visually manifest in the arm shrinking? Wouldn't it be more reasonable to see something more like the plane when the cube landed on it?

Alright, this conversation went over my head. It sounds like Unocle is supposed to be equivalent to being a position of excess resources. This is in response to the question "why did you come to Japan", so it sounds like he's saying that Japan is particularly prosperous right now and therefore he chose to talk with them. Is that even true? Or maybe he's saying that Japan is the most likely country to "share the bread", which I highly doubt is true.

Power! Unlimited Power! So that's his proposition? Seems pretty tantalizing.

Haha that's a pretty direct way to prove the powering capabilities of the Wam.


  • Nightsworn

    April 28, 2017, 8:27 p.m.

    Lol, the stuff where they're trying to find the right words and being "wait, that's only like 60% accurate" is me all the time T_T

    I cringe whenever they do that thing where they hide the word only to show us what was said 10 minutes later as well... so many shows do it and it just makes me want to die. D:

    The plane when the cube landing on it was different - from what I understood, it was being absorbed into a boundary element that allows the "anisotropy" (that's not what that word means btw) to be accessed. In the case of the shrinking thing, I think it was meant to show that he is directly accessing the other dimensions rather than using a boundary object, and that's why the different visual. I really can't be bothered doing the rotation and translation matrices for however many dimensions string theory has these days to check whether the object would appear to shrink like that if it were accessing another plane, but I guess it's mainly due to difficulty to show N>3 dimensional stuff with CG. I guess you can think of it like you are looking at an object and it is moving away, because that's kind of what's happening, but it's just moving orthogonally (along an axis we can't see) to the direction of sight than... parallel-ly? Though if it were doing that, it would really just disappear unless our space is intersected with a strip of higher space rather than the single "point", but its visibility to us would have to decay... it reminds me anti de-Sitter space where space is kind of like a fisheye lens, where the centre is clear (and GR-ish) but the clarity drops off as things get distorted (and quantumy) and the view decays to zero (the boundary has 1 dimension less, and this model of space is how the holographic principle arises in string theory - basically, it says that our universe is on that boundary, so technically our universe is a hologram of the whole thing. But the general public here this and are like "oh, the universe is a hologram! everything is fake! that's so dumb!" type thing... pisses me off so much). So I guess it's maybe possible if string theory is right? (this really isn't set in our universe :L) :D

    I want some wam

    (sorry for the physics rambling)



    April 28, 2017, 8:44 p.m.

    sorry, i only got about 60% of that comment D:

    i figured it might be something like this. it's why i suspected that my judgment was wrong. i saw it as more of a "when part of the hand enters the higher dimension, the light from it no longer reaches our eyes", but i did consider thinking about it like it was moving off into the distance in an invisible direction. maybe i should re-learn all that crap they taught me about the eye...

    oh, and how could the universe be a hologram? that's so dumb!


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