Attack on Titan Episode 29: Another one appears

Nice buildup in this week's episode. I guess this is where it begins. I kind of regret having read the manga at this point, because it's harder to react normally. For example, this episode is a pretty big one for Reiner where he ends up doing a lot, physically and mentally, for the show. But given how he ends up, I'm not as enthused. I guess it still doesn't change the fact that he really gets to show off here. Anyway, the big reveal for the episode is Ymir, that she's another Titan that's been hiding in the group all this time like Annie. I get that she started getting some focus in the second season and she really tipped her hand in this episode, but it still felt overall random. I'm curious how people who are seeing this for the first time reacted. How did people feel?

This is apparently important. I wonder if the writing on that bottle he couldn't read is what I think it is.

Ahh...still got that hope, huh?

You're not suspicious at all, Ymir. Little bit much, don't you think?

Aww man, I was going to ask that. Anyway, busted.


I know there are grooves in the staircase and all, but I still find it hard to believe the cannon stays on course like this.

Haha wasn't expecting that in a show like this.

It's always so weird to orient myself into the world of this series. Something like throwing rocks seems so simple, but it's a deadly force in the hands of a Titan. And more importantly, it's something these people have never seen a Titan do, which makes it much more impactful. I feel like I have to constantly remind myself.

Darn it, Christa. This is your fault!

Yeah, she's being kinda whiny. I'm with you, Ymir.

Did the Titan transformations always show this much? Not that I mind it.

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