Little Witch Academia Episode 15: Quest received

As I've said before, I find this series more interesting when there's a story behind the episode. The fight in this episode was also pretty cool even if it did look a little strange (might have just been me). Anyway, it seems like we finally know what we're trying to accomplish...Grand Triskelion is intended to initiate a resurgence for magic. However, I'm hoping there's something deeper going on there...that it isn't as simple as breaking the seal.

So magic is like the internet now? I guess they did have witch Skype and witch Wikipedia in previous episodes. That being said, the leyline routers only allow access to magic more freely without the Sorcerer's Stone, so it wouldn't change the fact that Akko can't ride a broom.

Please tell me Diana figures it out. Someone has to figure it out...

Okay, buddy. If you're gonna spout lines like this, I'm gonna need you to explain how magic and science are different as they are now. If magic's main difference is that it can break the rules of the physical world, then that hasn't changed.

These parallels between Shiny Chariot/Croix and Akko/Diana are legitimately painful to watch. I get it already...

Even though I know where this is going, I'm actually fine with it. We might actually get to learn something interesting...

Yup, I'm with you so far.

Oh hey, an actual magic fight for once. This is actually pretty cool.

Oh right, the world reconstruction magic. I vaguely remember Diana reading about that earlier. Is it really just going to be a plot device? I thought they'd actually use it to stop the decline of magic, but this makes it seem like it's just the thing Croix wants.

Ah, fansubs. Never change.


So, it sounds like Grand Triskelion is meant to be used to revive the Great Kharlan Tree...err Yggdrasil. Seems straightforward enough, but it begs the question of why the magic was sealed up in the first place. I'm hoping it's because of something more interesting than "no one should be able to control that magic simply". I mean...I'm okay if that's the reason, but there should be more reasoning behind it than "because we say so".


Aww...why not just tell her, Ursula?

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