Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Episode 2: Old memes

I'm still not totally sold on this show. I'm trying to figure out what it is, but something about this show isn't working for me. That being said, I thought that the fact that this episode presented humans and witches as equally irrational in their decisions was a plus for the episode. Since it seems to be pushing the idea of having humans and witches live in harmony, it's nice to see these parallels being drawn when showing the humans negatively reacting to Sorena's magic and the witches reacting similarly to Sorena's death.

Can someone explain to me why there are so many sword clangs in the background of this image showing showing a battle between knights and staff-wielding mages?

We found the book! Series over!

Zero seems to know who Albus is talking about here, which makes me pretty certain that he's talking about Thirteen. Is the pronoun game here supposed to indicate how much Albus worships Thirteen? Because it doesn't come across very well.

The delivery of this joke is so random. Albus goes from finding a magic ring to getting shown up by Zero when he can't sense its magical energy to deciding he's not strong enough and needs Mercenary's head. Seems like a long walk to make that joke.

Hey, why does this guy get to make references when I can't? This is totally unfair...

These guys went from "there have been multiple thefts recently" straight to "these newcomers are totally suspicious". Why would a group of thieves be just now arriving at the village if they've been stealing from it for days?

They've actually got a good point here. It actually reminds me of a recent political issue.

I feel like this conversation is almost trying to call into attention that it's supposed to be thought-provoking. I'm not sure if I'm just being crazy.

But...why is this a problem? Do these knight detect excessive usage of magic? I would think that they're constantly searching for witches, so using magic like this wouldn't change things. And if Zero's as important as she says she is, they're probably especially searching for her.

I get the feeling that this is going to be important later. I should remember this line.

To be fair, the villagers don't consider that business with Sorena to be a mistake.

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