Re:Creators Episode 2: Friendship punch fail

This episode seemed to drag on a bit in the beginning, but I thought the second half of the episode was pretty cool. A lot of the episode seems to be focused on the differences between the fictional world and the real world, making the first half of the episode a lot of explanations that didn't really have many answers. There were also a couple of moments when the information presented didn't seem to have anything to do with the topic being discussed. But eh...the show still seems interesting so far. I'm also wondering what the heck Souta's role in the series is supposed to be.

I'm starting to wonder if this series is trying to make me feel bad for not liking the random happy endings some series tend to have. The way these fictional characters go on about the creators and the troubled worlds they create makes it seem like they would be better served with developments like that. But I stand by my opinion!

I suppose she needed to be introduced as well.

I'm not sure what she's trying to say here. Was she able to understand the world because that's what the magic book allows her to do? It's not really clear here if that's the case, but I'm going with that. I mean, I get that she's a librarian, but "magic book" implies something more than that.

I've been wondering that too, Meteora. Why does your magic work the same in a different world governed by presumably different rules? Also, I was honestly expecting a gag where the room gets cleared out by the Restoration Magic. There's still time to do it, but it really doesn't fit the tone of this show.

I'm assuming this is a nod to the detail that exists in the real world that's lost in a story. I would say this is really subtle, but Meteora continues to go on about the exact same thing for a few more lines.

This seems important.

I don't quite understand this transition. They go from looking for their creators to talking about Sota's old drawings without much of a link between the conversations. Is this supposed to be a hint or something? How is it related?

Urgh...this entire scene was painful to watch.

Oh boy, a magical girl?

Hold on. It seemed like Mamika and Selesia weren't really too much in disagreement. Is that what magical girl shows are like these days? You disagree slightly with me, so let's fight?

I know this is supposed to be a tense situation and everything, but this line made me laugh a little bit too much.

Can't tell if this is a poke at a certain magical girl series, but I'll take it. I'm with Selesia here...Mamika totally provoked this fight.


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