Attack on Titan Episode 28: Bump in the night

I was really on board with this episode for the first half, but I kinda lost it in the second half. I really did like how this episode handled giving information to the viewer in the first half, showing us all of the hints without giving us the answer. I thought the same with how they're handling the hole in the wall. But the Pastor Nick revelation was...frustrating for me. Anyway, next week is back to the action...I'm just now noticing that not much happened this week.

I can't tell whether this kind of blind hope makes sense or not in a world like this. Of course, I know where this revelation is going, but the clues that the other soldier points out were pretty cool (all that stuff about the horses being in the stable and empty houses being destroyed).

When I first read this scene in the manga, it was really great. The clues have been laid out and it's very obvious what conclusion you're supposed to draw here, but the series gives you an emotional reaction from Connie rather than just blurting out the answer. My only comment, though, is I don't remember this revelation amounting to anything later (for example, having Connie use it to explain something), which makes it feel wasted. But I say that tentatively because I may have just missed it.

And on a completely unrelated note, the song playing in the background is awesome. It has all of the tension you'd expect from Sawano's music, but it's much more melodic.

I can't remember...were these two characters really prominent up to this point or is this the first time we're hearing this? I know their relationship is eventually important, but I can't tell if this is coming out of nowhere (because it seems like it is).

Ghost stories! Yeesh...they even turned off the music to make it creepier.

Convenient moonlight is convenient.

Alright, all we need now is for Eren to use a power that he hasn't displayed before in the Titan form he still can't control. Got it!

I was wondering how long it would be before they brought up the basement again.

While this is an interesting scene of suffering from the citizens, I'm surprised this is news to Pastor Nick. I mean, why does he need to be told this?

Really, man? I probably get overly frustrated when scenes obscure names like this, but they tell you who it is in the very next scene. It makes me wonder what the point of it is...oh, they're not going to say her name? So dramatic!

Couldn't resist, huh?

Breaking all the rules. Seems like these Titans may have the same target as the other Scouts.

You know things are serious when the song playing here starts up. So...these guys are dead, right?

No pressure, Eren.

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