Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 2: I take it all back

Wow, I honestly didn't expect I would continue with this series, but this episode completely convinced me. While the beginning of the episode felt questionable, it built into scenes that made sense and were legitimately fun to watch. I'm really glad that they established Glenn in this episode. Of course, the episode isn't without flaws...most of the ending of the episode is questionable and makes me wonder where this "kidnapping" stuff is going. But it was way better than I was expecting.

Come again?

I really enjoy conversations like this, but I wish I knew enough about the magic of this world to contribute to it myself. Glenn's initial comparison likens the study of magic to the study of philosophy. It's fair to question what use we get out of studying things like truth if they're not being applied to the real world.

I'm not even sure if I would say Glenn takes it too far when he talks about the militaristic applications of magic...Sistine seems to have a fondness for magic, which is why she can't come up with a response to that. However, she's also a student, so it's probably expecting too much out of her.

First off, it looks like Glenn actually knows something. And secondly, I do like how he points out the way the students treat magic with such reverence here. It probably clouds their perspective.

There is literally no way in hell this person is anyone other than Glenn. The story demands it!

This scene is amazing. It's exactly the kind of thing you see in modern education where students attain "mastery" by memorizing a set of rules from the teacher. Glenn instead tries to promote true understanding, to the point where you can predict the outcome to a new situation based on the concepts you've learned in the situation you were taught. I really enjoyed how everything was presented.

Haha this is pretty good. Yeah, this entire lesson is just...really good. It's a great way to understand the magic of this world.

My one criticism with this scene would be terminology, which I'm assuming is a translation issue. I get what Glenn is saying about having to compete with established, well-researched spells when trying to create your own spells, but it doesn't come across well with terms like "original magic" and "general magic".

Introducing antagonists already? Okay then. Hopefully they're not just throwaways to give Glen another chance to show off.

Pfft...yeah, right.

This got really weird really fast.

Persona? That's a cool skill you got there, Glenn.

I really don't understand this scene. Are mages in this world generally so specialized in magic? Do you honestly believe that someone who uses a personally-designed spell to stop all magic in an area wouldn't be used to handling that situation? It's not like he created the spell yesterday.

Darn. All they had to do was resist saying the punch line and this joke would have been so much better...

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