Sakurada Reset Episode 2: I'm still not sure about this

This second episode didn't do much to quell my worries with this series. Is Kei supposed to be a bad person in this series? I honestly think his actions in this episode are questionable, but the series doesn't give me enough information about his motives to really make a judgment.

If I had to summarize my general impression of the episode and the series, it's that it presents what could be interesting and discussion-worthy moral situations, but chooses not to bring up any of the actual arguments. Instead, the series continues focusing on how Misora is changing, which isn't really what I care to see.

Part of me wants to see where things go and another part of me is really worried about committing to it. So I'll leave this as an open question. Should I keep going?

Hmm, this could be an interesting discussion about existence depending on where the conversation goes and how the power that created Mari works. More than likely, it's going to relate to the conversation from last week about the clone who is following the original. The important question for me is longevity. Is the clone's existence dependent on anything, specifically the living status of the mother as an example?

This Bureau they keep mentioning is some kind of city-level authority, right? This guy's awful calm about letting a kid boss him around. What exactly is his authority? Also, the Bureau guy states that Mari will grow up normal despite the fact that her mother is leaving the city (and therefore forgetting her power), which suggests that Mari is, for all intents and purposes, a normal human being. I can understand a mother being distraught about the loss of her child and not being able to see the clone of her dead daughter without feeling pain, but calling the clone a "fake" is just inaccurate.

I have to say I'm a little upset about this development. I don't like the existence of this guy who can transfer Kei's power to Misora. It makes Kei's power feel cheaper and less useful in the story. The lack of real trust between Misora and Kei is an interesting dynamic to the relationship of their powers, the transfer power completely nullifies that. Of course, I understand that Kei contributes through his actions as a normal human. I'm just annoyed with the way his power is treated.

They really managed to bring the Three Laws of Robotics in here? They're really shoving in our face how robotic Misora's personality is, aren't they? Anyway, Misora's rules touch on something I mentioned last week. How does Misora have these rules if she doesn't remember what happened before a reset? As far as she knows, nothing negative ever happens when she resets because no one can change anything. Her rules only make sense if she created them after meeting Kei.

And while my time travel investigations make me want to say that her resets inherently change things because they can't possibly reset everything, we've already been shown that this isn't the case with the scene where she seems Mari crying a second time and fails a reset.

Are we being real here? This isn't even clever. I expected more from this show.

I'm sorry, dude, but I'm gonna have to ask you to back up your claim here. That's kind of an inconsiderate thing you're asking Mari's mother to do.

Well, this doesn't seem fair. Neurological studies have shown that a mother's brain physically changes during childbirth, so reminding her of these feelings feels like cheating.

This conversation makes it feel like they're aware of the grey area that Kei is in, but it just feels so disjointed from the events of the episode.


Come on, man!

I mean, I get that she was the one that was on the bridge in the first episode, but were we being shown something that happened in a reset timeline? Or did that happen in both timelines? It seems like the reset changed the timeline, but it also seems didn't?

I'm surprised that Sumire's death didn't stop Kei from using his powers. This is also a random timeskip.

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