Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho First Impressions (1): Nice and cuddly?

So I'm not too sure about this series yet. This first episode was interesting for many reasons, like a system of magic that may actually be following some rules and a fun main character combination (those scenes in the ending theme were pretty funny). But nothing in particular has really grabbed my attention yet in this premiere. Still, the series looks like it could be fun, so I'm willing to keep watching to see where it goes.

It's really weird to start the series with a big prologue about how witches are persecuted in this world and then immediately cut to discrimination against beastfolk (or I guess beastfallen). I get that the heroine is probably a witch, but it still feels like they're trying to force some kind of "it could be worse" message.

I don't think this is how blood works, but I've never actually tested it for real, so...sure? I should get on that...

Yup, this is how we set up that this guy doesn't like witches right before he runs into the female lead, who is probably also a witch. Never mind the fact that he's probably been mostly mistreated by mundane humans his entire life.

Alright fine. I'm a sucker for comedy like this.

Well, she accepted his beast form, so I guess they're friends now? Strange that this is the first such encounter given that it sounds like most witches can see his "human face". And more importantly, how exactly did witches create the beastfallen? It sounded like they have the beast appearance from birth. Cursed in the womb? Side effect of residual magic that created the original beastfallen?

You're not making much sense here. It's sounding a lot like this guy hates witches because he hates witches.

They're such good friends now...

Also, does the beast guy really have any reason to believe this?

This is a common trope with witches...I can give points for having an actual reason not to give the main characters names. Plus, Zero is a pretty cool-sounding name.

These are some nice expressions.

So magic doesn't require the summoning circle and produces more effective results? What's the point of sorcery in that case? It sounds like the only drawback to magic is this "sacrifice" thing. I thought that meant sacrificing the demon, but it doesn't seem to be the case...

Haha well that's one way to counter a spell. Also, Albus has something in his hand when he's casting...maybe magic requires material components? Zero seems fine without it, though.

So I guess they're all friends now?

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