Seikaisuru Kado First Impressions (1): The cube descends

Phew, this episode seemed like a pretty promising premiere. I won't go into episode 0 too much because there wasn't all too much to talk about there. It's mostly designed to introduce the main character and outline why he's the best man for the job, but I'd say it's pretty optional to watch it. I like that it allows the first episode to get right into the action, though.

And as for the episode, I really did enjoy watching the scientific approach to examining the cube when it first pops up. I'm not sure how that will play a role moving forward, but it certainly got my attention. It looks like next week's episode will be showing us what happened inside the cube, which I'm interested to see. The preview made it look like Yaha-kui uses Shindo to learn Japanese or something.

This was in episode 0, but whatever. This is a good way to make me like a character.

We've already got the bad end? I'm kidding...I've read the synopsis.

That cube looks pretty stable for having about half of it's surface area above water. But then again, I'm no engineer.

This actually looks awesome.

My alternative hypothesis would be that the plane was being disintegrated, but maybe that comes from watching too much anime. She's a theoretical physicist, so I'll take her word for it?

I would have gone with "well, the protagonist is in there, so they're probably still alive", but again...I'll defer to the logic of the theoretical physicist.

I like the way Shinawa thinks.

Again, I would have gone with "shields", but maybe isolation is the technical term. I really should study more physics.

I understand that there's a passenger plane stuck inside and time is running out, but this is an arguably alien technology that has just arrived on our planet. Should we really be shooting at it with a tank right now? I give them points for shooting at a corner, though, to minimize damage.

This visual effect is definitely going to do a number on my eyes before this series is over.

Who could it be?

That's one heck of introduction. Is this convenient timing or did he decide that getting shot at by a tank was enough indication that he should probably say something to humanity?

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