Attack on Titan Episode 27: Village inspection

A little bit more mixed with this episode, but I'd say overall I liked it. There were two main things that I thought were handled well in this episode. The first was Sasha's change. I go into more detail below, but basically this is the point in the show where she starts delivering on the skills everyone says she has. The second thing I wanted to point out in this episode was the reversal that went on with Sasha and Conny as they investigate their respective villages. Things start out looking bleak for Sasha, but she eventually discovers her father still alive. However, this immediately cuts to Conny finding his own village in ruins with no similar hope. It's pretty cool.

As for negatives, I'd say the recap at the beginning of the episode was annoying (can't remember if that was done in the first season as well) and as I point out below, the timing of Sasha's father's entrance is a bit questionable.

Huh...I never really thought about that.

He's going to tell us all about the walls! might say that, but I know better. You're just going to put him in the face of real Titans and get him to admit everything out of fear. Though, now that I think about it, Hange already tried that by holding him over the side of the wall...

This line's a little on the nose, don't you think?

Okay,'re just a little bit too obsessed with that piece of meat. Is she just hungry or is there something else going on here?

It's a little jarring to see the older guy acting as the voice of reason and the younger Sasha clinging to tradition. Usually it's the other way around.

That escalated quickly.

Okay, I'm willing to jump on board with this scene and the continuity it provides. It certainly explains why the young girl in the village said that line about Sasha's polite way of talking. But I'm still having trouble understanding how the little girl noticed and why it would be important enough to call out.

Remember in season 1 when it didn't really make sense that Sasha was one of the top graduates from the academy? This is the point where it stops being crazy for me...where she stops being the joke of the group.

Doesn't this kill the drama of 20 seconds ago just a little bit?


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