Sakura Quest First Impressions (1): The queen has spoken!

Maybe if I watch this series, people won't find out that I never watched Shiroba- hey everyone! Just another post about a show in the new season here! Anyway, this first episode wasn't bad. I'm not sure why the series has the comedy tag yet, but the first episode does a decent job of introducing the place. That being said I'm not totally sure there's enough stuff going on in the show yet, but that remains to be seen.

As a quick music note, I really liked the ending song. It was a great background for the final scenes of the episode. The opening song was okay, but I'm not totally on board with it yet.

This scene is so sparkly that I might have started going blind as a result. This was the least shiny scene I could find (or that's the story I'm going other motives).

I don't know why you'd answer this question honestly. And yeah, I've been there. Now, if they had asked her how many interviews she had failed, then I'd have more to say, but sending applications? I'd call that "playing the field".

This is a good question.

Come again?

Ouch, mistaken for a dead pop star? That's rough. Meanwhile, I'm distracted by the guy over on his computer playing go.

This is a nice touch. Instead of telling us outright that the town is struggling by having one of the inhabitants blurt it out, we're shown the town from Yoshino's perspective as she figures it out herself.

Is the Chupacabra really a thing in Japan? I always thought it was mostly a Latin American thing. But uhh...yeah. This is kinda random.

I know this is personal preference, but I really wish subtitles would just use honorifics instead of awkwardly naming Yoshino after a Nintendo character.

This is why you read the contract. What kind of job pays for your travel just so you can do a day's worth of work? But going back to the conversation of normal vs. abnormal, what exactly is Yoshino's character trying to accomplish? Given that she jumped at the opportunity to become a "queen" and the scene from the beginning of the episode, it seems like she wants to stand out. But I guess what I'm asking is...what career does she actually want?

Haha yes, back away from the crazy person. This might be my favorite scene in the episode.

I was going to complain, but I appreciate that Yoshino figures this out. What exactly was the plan here anyway? Make her use the sword to pump up her ego?

Well, that came around full circle.

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