Clockwork Planet First Impressions (1): Already feeling regret

Urgh...why did I go into this show so blindly? I thought that surely a series with a post-apocalypse setting like this one would have a somewhat darker story. However, this first episode did nothing to inspire confidence in me...everything just felt lazy. I'll explain more below...for now, I'll just say I'm willing to give the series the benefit of the doubt and give another episode a shot, but I'm not sure yet.

Also, am I nuts or did the opening animation look like it was just showing actual scenes from the show? I mean, it's too early to say, but it just gave off that feeling.

Aww man...I liked that world. So when they say destroyed, do they mean that life just started wasting for some reason? Because destroyed means something very different to know, on the level of "no longer hospitable to humans".

Huh...this really isn't what I was expecting from a post-apocalypse show like this. Isn't this kind of...standard?

And I get that the "delayed destruction" for these random mechs was supposed to be impressive and all, but it looked more like the show was too lazy to animate some actual combat. I say this because you'd normally expect to see some sign that the mechs were actually sliced, but instead they just explode.

So when the narrator said that the world is built from gears, does that mean anything that would normally be organic? Or do they grind the gears up to make the other stuff?

Did he just hear that sound effect? Because I'm pretty sure normal falling objects aren't discernable by sound from within a building...especially a building that is filled with moving gears. Those things aren't quiet, you know. The main character even knows to move from where he's sitting based on that sound...for some reason.

It's a little sad that a series completely based around a planet made of gears has a line like this, but doesn't have the decency to put in a gear-like sound effect. I understand that it's eventually revealed that he has superhuman hearing, but come on, man...we're sitting here in silence.

Really not making me believe that the tension in this scene should be as high as it seems...

Let me guess...this girl was created by the person who originally created the Clockwork Planet and that person was some kind of unprecedented genius? It would explain this introduction.

That was easy.

No comment...none whatsoever. Moving on.

How does she know this? Gear Internet?

So these two are supposed to be related? The hidden genius and the actual genius?

That escalated quickly.

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