Little Witch Academia Episode 13: Performance

Watching this show in a timely manner for once. I'm running out of stuff in the new season (I would have done Boku no Hero Academia, but half that episode was flashback). Anyway, this week's episode was another one that I quite liked. All of my concerns from the previous episode were handled nicely. And Akko's performance was a nice nod into how she's trying to follow Shiny Chariot, but not copy her. Instead of performing at the same level, she takes advantage of her mistakes and turns the routine into a comedy routine.

This feels like a repeat of stuff from last week's episode. Even this exact Sucy reaction.

So, I like the way Akko is thinking here, trying to challenge a tradition that most students would just follow unquestioningly. It fits her role as the "non-mage" entering the magic world and shaking up the foundation. However, her plan is a bit frustrating. I get that metamorphosis is all she's been practicing, but I'm getting annoyed of her just copying Chariot.

This certainly is a random way to trigger some self-evaluation in Lotte, but I'll take it?

The team is together!

School talent shows, right? Always like this...

Really pushing this "magic is art" thing, huh? Well, it seems to be the point of the festival, so I won't push too much on it.

Urgh...I really want to analyze this. Given that Akko didn't finish the incantation, she must have finished it while her head was engulfed. So, that would mean that she can either control where her center of mass is when the transformation happens (which seems advanced) or it always concentrates at her feet. The second option makes sense, I would mean that any transformation to a smaller creature doesn't suspend you in the air.

I'm guessing this performance is pointed towards comedy in general, particularly at the same that "comedy is the lowest form of entertainment". It explains why the professors call it vulgar in comparison to the other performances.

This feels like it could have been explained better, but I think the idea is that constantly inducing sorrow involves remembering the death of her friends? It really does seem like two unrelated things, though.

Haha why is Sucy tied up too?

We did it?

I'm good with this. It also makes Diana question herself if she ends up winning.

Wait, this was going into the background behind Ursula, right? Mysterious challenger?

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