Alice to Zouroku First Impressions (1): This power seems strong

First new show of the season...could have gone better. The show seems to be about a caged girl with superpowers getting loose and learning about the world. Not necessarily new, but interesting enough. The first episode had a lot of good moments. The main two characters are funny together and Zouroku, in particular, is pretty cool. Still, the animation was noticeably strange...even for me. I'll probably keep watching to see where it goes, but I'm not too sure yet. But hey...that ending song was pretty good.

I feel like there were two main mysteries driving the first episode of this series, the mystery of Sana's identity and Zouroku's profession. The first mystery...just kinda ended when Sana tells Zouroku everything, so it didn't amount to much. And as for Zouroku's profession, sure he seemed mysterious at the beginning of the episode, but by the time I'd gotten to the end and everything was revealed, the revelation seemed ultimately pointless.

It was a dark and stormy night...

This monitoring screen has a map of the world and three images that look like brain scans on it. Sure, why not?

I'm still sitting here wondering if that arm is disembodied or attached to something.

What is going on with this narrator? Are we being serious here? Is this how we avoid making the main character speak?

Not Near/L.

Well, this old guy certainly got a mysterious introduction. He's apparently got some personal ties with some powerful people, but wants to live a humble life or something. Not a bad background. But the main reason I chose this scene is...Faim?

Haha that girl in the background. Anyway, I'd say this whole story hinges on the fact that no one is willing to call the police, but it's starting to sound like this isn't a great neighborhood or something. Maybe that's the point.

This car looks noticeably fake...and also, it the pole on the side of the street seems to magically shift out of the way of the car when it starts swerving towards it.

She asks why Zouroku stopped, but the background outside the car is still moving. And don't tell me "well, he just started moving again" because when we zoom out, he's still on the same corner where he stopped.

Haha this line is so bad, but so good too.

I like this guy already.

I know this is excessive nitpicking, but the original shows the girl disappearing when the seconds counter goes from 34 to 35, but the "slowed down version" doesn't start the disappearance until 35 seconds. I know it's examining a bit too far, but you'd expect the police to notice and be more focused on glitches in the camera like this.

Wait, they have to power to wipe the data from personal phones too? Either this magic is way stronger than it should be or that's some seriously meticulous hacking.

She's just going to explain it here? Okay then. This wording seems makes it sound like these Dreams of Alice can only choose one thing to materialize, which would restrict their powers. However, that begs the question of what "materialization" has to do with the main character's ability to teleport and move the car. But I'm sure that will come soon when they reveal her "true power", right?

And now they're living together...

So are the girls kept locked away in that research facility so they don't learn enough about the world to create anything catastrophic? It would certainly make sense.

Why is the language in this episode so confusing? This makes it sound like Sana was the one who created the mystical Wonderland they were just projecting, but the next line makes it sound like she's just one of many. Are the children working together to put pieces in that space or is there one girl more powerful than the rest?

Gasp! He's a florist!

Forgot about these guys. Was this meant to be an extended gag? Because it wasn't really funny...

They've been kinda coy about this granddaughter. Is she dead? Just there to provide clothes for Sana?

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