Attack on Titan Episode 26: The return edition

Well, the hype train is official, I guess. Not that I'm particularly complaining because I thought this was a strong episode to get back into the series, but it's going to be tough to wade through all the hype. Back on topic, I think the episode handled itself well, especially coming back from years on break. It didn't overdo flashbacks and didn't spend too much time reminding you what was happening. It just...went. Like a normal continuation should. And for good measure, let's kill a guy.

Still not sure how I should approach this series. As always with series where I've read the manga, I think I hold myself back a little too much to make sure I don't give too much away. Should I keep going on with this? That being said, I will say that the stuff the Beast Titan says has a lot more meaning knowing what happens in the near future. But I'll leave it at that?

Previously on this show...

The priest knows everything! I always forget this guy's not completely crazy.

Just a training exercise?

Haha definitely laughed at this one.

Time for the action! Also, I have trouble keeping the names of the walls straight, so I had to remind myself. Wall Rose is the second wall, which is why this is a big deal.

Getting pretty deep there, man.

Why would you say this?

The screen gets darker here, doesn't it? I'm not nuts, right? It's the Blue Exorcist fire all over again!

Random flashback is random.

It can talk!

Yeah, he was kinda screwed without his gear. I think this is one of the stronger selling points of this series, though. No matter how amazing a person may seem, they can still easily be overwhelmed by standard Titans. Also, cool guys don't necessarily keep their cool in the face of certain death?

Am I getting punked? There's no way this is the actual ending song, right? It sounds so painful...

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