Little Witch Academia Episode 12: Something about talent

This week's episode was another tough one. I think the idea of it was "don't get caught up in being someone else if it sacrifices fostering your own talents". But as I'll elaborate on below, I think an opportunity was missed in the themes that could have been used here. But anyway, I guess we've got the festival next week. Should be fun?

Also, this concept of "not comparing yourself with others" is a tough one for me because I'm not sure I'm completely on board. Sure, I would say that you shouldn't waste time trying to become someone you're not, but I don't see a problem with seeing the places where you can improve in others.

Why do I get the feeling that Diana is doing most of the interesting things while Akko is bumbling about? She seems to have figured out the Shiny Wand here, which makes me wonder whether she will try to take matters into her own hands.

Uhh...progress, I guess?

But there are still like five choices left. Did every team go already? That means that there are some tasks left unassigned, right? This feels like a crappy system.

Oh, the sacrifices just get consumed by a giant blob? I saw the tentacles and thought this was going in a completely different direction.


Well, this is new. Does this mean we finally get to learn more about Diana?

While this is a fun gag and all, I think an opportunity is missed here. The mirror offers Akko a chance to see what it's like to be "born with talent", and yet Akko cannot do any of the amazing things that Diana can do. This is actually fine, though, because it would be a display of how much of Diana's talent is a result of her own hard work, but I feel like this isn't explored. For example, Akko could have noticed that she's more proficient at the spells she has studied or something. Although, now that I think about it, what exactly does magic talent do for you?

The real Diana, despite not hearing the request from the other student, is able to jump in and correct the pose of the statue. How did she know what pose to give the statue? It sounded like it was based on a professor's preference.

She's not wrong. Akko not only got a simple role that even she could perform, but she's also failing at fulfilling that role. It's kinda sad...

This scene actually worries me. On its own, it's a good scene because Akko is finally learning some humility. However, it gives me this nagging sensation that she's going to become the Moonlit Witch because of some stupid technicality, which will undermine everything.

Wow, this is turning into a real quest. With real quest indicators...

This is a good sign.

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