Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 24: With our powers combined

This episode went better than I expected. Once again, Michael makes for a more interesting Shepherd than Sorey and we got some decent fight scenes against the Lord of Calamity. However, I was kinda expecting this episode to be the last one and it looks like the final episode will not be airing for another month. So...see you in a while?

I have one final note about Sorey this week. While it's cool that he got his Avatar mode and everything, didn't he just make Rose and Alisha more useless? I mean sure, they mentioned that they can siphon off the malevolence again, but I thought we were past keeping them around as glorified siphons.

Well, I disagree with you, Rose, but I can't say I'm surprised by this statement. I'm happy they at least acknowledged the fact that Sorey forced Dezel to do this.

Oh hey Maotelus. I remember you from Berseria. I didn't know you had a role in Zestiria...especially not a spoken role. Maotelus doesn't exactly have the most impressive voice.

You're going to have to explain this line to me. Is Heldalf saying that power allows one side to overpower the other side and therefore eliminate one of the contradicting ideals? Not sure I get this one.

I've liked the appearances of the previous Shepherd so far in this story...let's see how this flashback goes.

I'm struggling with this revelation. On the one hand, I think Heldalf might be more interesting if he was a good person turned evil because of a mistake, but that's probably a bit generic. This series of events probably makes more sense because instead Heldalf is someone who did some bad things, but certainly didn't deserve the punishment he received for his actions. And I think that parallels well with the idea of "eternal torment", something I think no person truly deserves.

I really want to give Michael the benefit of the doubt here and say that he was only willing to make this sacrifice because the baby was already dead, but that doesn't make sense if we take the words of his curse literally. Why would he be offering the life of the infant if it didn't have life? And don't try to tell me that he was offering the baby's soul because that's even worse.

Wait, so Heldalf tried to kill himself and failed? That means the immortality of the Lord of Calamity is Michael's fault.

This fight's pretty awesome.

I know it's different in the game, but they made a big deal about the trouble Alisha had to go through to synchronize with Edna enough to armatize with her, so I have a bit of an issue with her armatizing with Mikleo here instead.

Oh, and this conversation technically counts as power of friendship.

Man, I really hate scripted boss fights.

Let's just throw this in because we never got around to it earlier.

Combine to form the Megazord!

Words cannot describe how sad I am that these skits are taking themselves so seriously now. And this is probably the last one since there's no need for a preview in the last episode.

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