Rewrite Final Episode (24): Doing some math

Another series down. While this second season certainly had its own flaws, it was definitely a huge step up from the first season. I still think the message of "the Earth is doomed, so we must live on elsewhere" is a bit extreme, but I guess it's not a bad message overall. I wish the "fond memories" part of the show had been explained better. So I think the big takeaway from this series is...uhh, please spare me, VN veterans?

Side note: Man, I really hope I didn't mess up the math below. he referring to the Moon Kagari here? Is she the true heroine?

Time to be friends again?

Yeah, the giant dinosaur talks. No big deal.

You know Kotarou's serious now because his sword grew.

Aww man...that girl had a name. Why did she have to die? It's too...sad?

Also, Kotarou goes straight from standing next to Sakura to talking with Akane with no transition. Does he just not care what happens with Sakura now that the song is over?

Bad end.

So killing the planet was the plan all along?

Hmm...I sure wonder who this tree might be.

This butler's so important that he got a theme song. He must be one he- *cut off before making a bad Black Butler reference*

Alright, I have to test this.

By my research, the Earth is about 240k miles from the Moon and 2.8 billion miles from the furthest planet in the Solar System. If five people get you to the Moon, then it would take about 2400 people to get you to the furthest planet. Kotarou asks for tens of thousands of people, so let's cap the estimation at 100k people. That comes out to about 40 times the distance from the Earth to the furthest planet as the total distance that can be traversed. This should get you to right about the beginning of the Oort Cloud, which is supposed to be surrounding our solar system. So I'd say the math checks out?

Because Kagari and Kotarou saw that news segment about exoplanets that one time?

Earth Kagari is not important. This is what really matters!

Also, the reaction from the other girls was hilarious.

Overall Score: 6/10 (7/10 for this season alone)

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