Youjo Senki Episode 11: The obligatory beach episode

Not a bad episode. The battle in this episode looked cool and I actually thought the slower scenes in the second half of the episode were interesting as well. I'm curious how this ends, though. While the events of the episode certainly open the series up for a follow-up, I'm curious how this season will end. A build-up to the next fight? Or just some polite taunting from Being X again?

I was surprised that Anson was taken care of so quickly...did he even manage to kill anybody important? I've heard he doesn't have any major role in the manga, so that's probably the reason...but it makes him feel tacked on (which is probably appropriate). Also, as a general gripe, I'm pretty sure that the fact that he blows himself up is just there as a convenience to the audience. Otherwise, there was the chance that he'd just be brought back again.

I had a suspicion, so I had to confirm it. The first two minutes of this episode are an exact copy of the last two minutes of last week's episode. That's a little disappointing.

I guess this eye glow is confirmation that Being X is giving him his new power? It's the same glow that we see in Tanya's eyes when she "prays".

Action! Explosions!

Is this supposed to be more important than it was portrayed? Tanya said a prayer to save Weiss just now...that seems pretty significant.

I'm useful, guys! But seriously...Anson had a trench gun and his big plan was to blow himself up to kill Tanya? Why didn't he just shoot her when they were face-to-face if he wasn't worried for his own safety?

See? Everyone's fine. This is a happy show!

A church? Wait, she's here to gloat. Hahaha that's a pretty good one.

Not even a war series is immune to the obligatory beach episode.

This scene didn't make any sense to me, so I did some extra research. Apparently, Tanya's realization comes from her memory of actual history, which is why she's so desperate. This is one of those brief moments when her salaryman life is useful in this world, so I was happy to see it.

Seems reasonable enough. Let's attack!

I guess we've failed...

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