ACCA - 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Episode 11: And now for my evil plan

A surprisingly tame episode given the buildup in the last episode. I guess this episode was mostly laying the cards out on the table for the bad guys? It was pretty interesting overall, but I'm not sure I fully understood everything. Next week should be a blast, right?

What a lovely place...

(Is he gone? This is totally suspicious, isn't it?)

I smell brainwash...

Trying to figure this line out. This guy tells Jean that Furawau's resources were going to Dowa before the current political system, which implies that this isn't happening now. However, he continues on by saying that Furawau is having their resources taken from them, which seems counter to his original point. This flashback seems to exist to contradict the statements that the Furawau representatives made about wanting to support Dowa, so it sounds like the resources are still going to Dowa and it might be reason for discontent? Maybe this is just an incorrect understanding of the original point.

Aww come can't just do that to Nino! The poor guy wasn't even in the last episode!

This has been my general impression of Jean throughout this entire series, so I quite like this line.

Now that I think about it, have they ever explained the cigarette thing yet? Not the fact that they were used as a message for supporting Jean, but why he's allowed to have them. If he didn't know he's royalty, it's not because of his status, right?

They're friends now!

We've been kinda going along with everything up to now, so Warbler acts as a really interesting element to this entire discussion by questioning the coup that everyone thinks is not only likely but beneficial. It's obvious that he won't be able to convince anyone because of deeply entrenched ideas, but he does a good job of sowing dissent in the audience.

Yeesh...the relationship between these two characters is still the most interesting thing so far.

Got your own plan in motion, Jean?


This makes sense given what we've seen in this episode, but it relies on the assumption that Lilium can control Jean. How does he have the confidence for that? Just because Jean seems so willing to go along?

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