Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 23: Feels pretty bad

I will admit that this episode kept the focus a lot more than other recent episodes, but as such, the overall judgment of the episode probably hinges on how you felt about one or two key factors. I'm mostly neutral, I'd say.

I can't really do a comparison for Dezel's death, but my overall impression of the anime version is that Dezel dropped so many hints in this episode that I was going "get it over with" by the end of it all. The scene overall was also a bit confusing. The main thing I can't explain is why no one else in the party helped out when he jumped in with Rose. Everyone is saying things like "I'll help you out", but when the fight starts, no one moves. I know that Dezel said they should conserve their strength to fight the Lord of Calamity, but they seemed to be protesting that. Not sure what happened there.

I think the big sticking point in this episode for me was Sorey. This episode reminded me of something that I hadn't been thinking about for a while now. Sorey started this entire journey because he wanted humans and seraphim to coexist. How exactly has he made progress towards that goal in this series? And more to the point, think about Dezel's final moments a little bit. It seems to me like Sorey pretty much killed him. He was going to fight off the dragons with Siegfried, but because Sorey forced him to give up the gun and instead aim to purify the dragons, he was forced to use a different style of attack. Really turning out to be a great hero, Sorey.

You're talking to the Lord of Calamity about honor? Not really a strong moment for you, Sorey.

Dezel, you have one heck of a death wish. I really can't tell how you're going to turn out at this rate. Also, obsession with Rose aside, is the world's malevolence really concentrated here? Isn't that a bit too convenient? I'll grant you that it's probably the only way to end the series with the remaining two episodes, but that doesn't make it okay.

Oh hey, Grimoire. Was she in Zestiria? Because I remember her from Berseria. In fact, I'm curious whether this entire town is a Berseria cameo or just events from Zestiria.

I don't particularly mind this one. It makes sense that Velvet is chronicled in history as a villain, the source of calamity, but Sorey seems to separate himself by asking whether the person who forced her down that path is also somewhat responsible.

I can't help making the Red vs. Blue reference here..."hey, ever wonder why we're here?" is so appropriate here.

Rose is not amused.

I thought I was done with this question...make it stop.

I understand that Sorey never intended to use the army (that's why he didn't recruit heavily or whatever), but this scene is still a bit silly.

Really asking for it, aren't you Dezel?

Can't disagree there.

Hmm, I legitimately thought they were going to keep Dezel alive in this story...until the start of this epiosde, of course. I guess they just wanted to give him a different story. Hard to judge on this one since I don't know the full context of the game version.

Aww man...these skits used to be cool.

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