Rewrite Episode 23: The killing machine

The series still feels like missing information, but it seems to be building to an interesting end. I'm not sure if we'll see some kind of explanation in the final episode to clear things up, but I'm not sure I can stand behind this new version of Kotarou. He had a lot of moments that seemed smart in this episode and a lot of other moments in the episode that just felt lucky.

I guess the pink one is not for sale.

Interesting that Kagari seems to be listening to what Koutarou said about not killing the monsters despite being upset with him. He's also killing the summoners, so the attention is being drawn to her anyway.

I love it when a plan comes togeth- oh crap, it failed.

I've heard it mentioned before that Guardian was set up better in the visual novel as having their own issues which make them an equally questionable organization to Gaia. However, there's no similar background in the anime, so this looks like Kotarou mercilessly killing a guy just because he's a threat to Kagari. Who knows? Maybe he's just that desperate to save Kagari.

Oh...I guess that guy's dead now. Moving on?

This just got really Interstellar for some reason. Also, am I supposed to get the sense that Kagari is broken right now? She's supposed to be a personification of Earth, right? Why would she advocate leaving Earth behind? Or maybe this is her subtle way of saying "get out of my house, humans".

This explains a lot.

Also, another cameo, I presume?

There's a different angle that shows the full stack of hands in a second, but from this angle, it looks like Kotarou is having a private comrade moment with his loli heroines while the other two are doing something else above them. Also, Shizuru's hand is larger than Lucia's...for some reason. Kotarou purposely throwing away his connections because he's planning to sacrifice himself for Kagari or did his Rewrites in this episode cause him to lose a bit of his humanity? Hard to say with this scene, but poor Kotori, I guess.

This is kind of a mediocre battle scene...

Aww...I guess Esaka is just dead now?

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