Youjo Senki Episode 10: Victory!

Alright, time for one last battle, right? Given that most of the magic battles so far have involved Tanya running into an entire unit by herself, it'll be interesting to see her fight against someone of equal strength. Looking forward to that. I'm still wondering how this series will end, though. It looks like it's building to an actual ending with the defeat of Anson (or whatever his name is) securing the victory for the Empire. But the general lack of Being X cameos so far makes me wonder if there should be more to an ending for this show than that. Plus, there are rumors of a second season...

Wait, they have magic camouflage? Use that more!

I'm assuming this scene is meant to convey the fact that this guy trusts that Tanya will succeed and bring the war to an end, ignoring the concerns of everyone else at the table. I'm still not good with these "big wig" meetings.

Wow...they won that with relatively little fanfare. Fair enough.

Also, it's worth mentioning that B was the communications headquarters and C was an ammo depot, but Tanya's site was an abandoned facility. Way to contribute to the team, Tanya.

So now what? Now that the Empire has destroyed the Republic headquarters, I'm assuming this battle at Rhine is to mop up the remaining forces.

Spoken like someone who's asking to die.

Nah...just a coincidence of an explosion.

Well, when you put on the map like that, it seems so simple!

I don't actually mind this one. The visual aid helps and unlike the previous one, it comes with a decent explanation.

Celebrating in a show like this? That's not allowed!

Holy crap...the Empire has flamethrowers too? Talk about focusing tech first, am I right?

No, not that guy! He had a conscience! Or something...

Also, this guy clearly had the jump on the main characters and he takes out some random guy on the right flank. He knows who the boss is, doesn't he?

Okay, maybe Grantz is fine. They wouldn't kill him after showing us this, right?

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  • fantasy-magician

    March 26, 2017, 5:02 a.m.

    Camouflage spell, why not used more often?
    Eeh... simple really, they have 'optical illusion' spell that works with refracting light. Tanya is famous for 'fishing' her enemies with this before bombarding them, it's her favourite tactic.

    The reason why Camouflage spell it's not used often, simply because the favourite tactic her team loves to employ is 'altitude superiority' which is also shown in next episode. Their orb is superior in term of altitude and multiple spell casting because they have MORE engine than their enemies. FYI, Tanya's 95 have 4 core, while her subordinates got 2 .

    Why they rarely use camouflage? Because they don't have to, with their higher altitude they want to be seen so their enemies would be forced to go higher just to aim at them. Altitude 8000-10000 is their homeground, and if their enemies with inferior orb forced themselves to reach it they have to deal with unstable engine to maintain altitude, drop in temperature and lack of oxygen.
    This is their first 'guerilla' mission, and most of the time they're on the 'hunter' side and not the other way around.

    Hope this help.



    March 26, 2017, 6:30 a.m.

    hmm...true, i forgot to consider that they're usually an assault team. but arent they sometimes alone as a team in combat? wouldnt they want to be hidden in that case? i can see what you're saying about wanting to grab attention when they're part of a larger battle.



    March 26, 2017, 7:33 a.m.

    Alone as a team in combat? You mean when they split up in squadron or in pair?

    Well... Mage's position in army is basically... like this. They have weaker firepower than artillery, their speed and altitude is lower than an aircraft. They can move more flexibly than a helicopter, yet are rare to supply troops. They are also known as the best type of military unit in urban guerrilla warfare and special operations.
    BTW Tanya is exception in firepower, speed and altitude... so she doesn't count...

    This is how they works against other 'type' of unit. However when it comes to Mage VS Mages, being hidden with spell doesn't really works. Do you see how in EP 05 Tanya nonchalantly fished out one mage from the avalanche as if she know he was there? Mage can detect other mage's mana signature, so hiding is not a good idea in aerial mage combat. Tanya's favourite tactic 'fishing with optical illusion' works because she is close enough to be seen but far enough her enemies can't tell her exact location.
    The use of camouflage spell in this episode I presume is because they're fooling normal soldier to sneak in. Also, Tanya make it a priority that her subordinates can march without using mana for stealth purpose in her training, so yeah... they can hide. This however, only in land... the air is different case.

    In first episode also mentioned that the two rebellious subordinate Tanya sent to die is stuck in a pill box that can't move. Apparently for aerial mage rather than 'hiding' they're more suitable to move around freely, and most veteran in this profession won't caught dead staying still to hide. Their battleground is sky, and Tanya aptly describe it as vast 3D battlefield with only cloud as place to hide. So yeah... their definition of 'hidden' is quite different than other unit.



    March 26, 2017, 8:31 a.m.

    ahh, i see. that clears up a lot. you're right...they're pretty much going up against other mages most of the time, so that makes a lot of sense.


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