ACCA - 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Episode 10: Flip that switch

Surely we've finally reached the tipping point in this series, right? This series has been one heck of a build up, so it'll be fun to see where things go when the cards fall on the table. That being said, this episode also introduced a pretty cool district, built on hope in a seemingly dire environment. Might be one of my favorite districts so far. Anyway, how are things going to go down?

First off, of course we need to spend some extra time in the gambling district. And secondly, I'm inclined to believe that pushing Jean as the new king like this suggests that he won't be getting the position. Hard to say...most of my speculations in this show have been wrong.

So the goal is "we need to unify the districts, but let them stay distinct"?'re gonna need to be more specific on that.

I guess the show needed a villain. I should have known better...he was a bit quick about exonerating himself to Jean. Hmm...what if Jean realizes he's behind everything? That would make for a fun twist.

That name sounds an awful lot like "planet".

So does this hole go up to the surface? I need to know these things!

This district is an interesting contrast to the rest of the series, which focuses way too much on local cuisine in the other districts.

Well, that's fair.

Hmm...that's a nice way of saying "we don't have much, but we can give you our support".

This scene is also a nice touch. Nino makes a big deal about the fact that Jean has never once suspected him, so it's a bit of a twist that Lotta realized something about him was off.

Oh...guess it's time to start the plan.

Give me a break, Mauve. Which side are you on?

Oh snap.

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