Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 22: Did not expect those characters to get so much focus

This episode felt like a scattered mess. Symonne and Lunarre are thrown in for no reason, so their fates aren't really impactful in any way. Heck, armatization in this episode even felt tacked on...and short-lived. I think the most annoying part of the episode is that this final battle seems to be exactly the same as the end of the first season, with the only difference being that the Lord of Calamity fight will probably end differently.

And probably the most disappointing thing about this episode is that the skit at the end didn't really have anything.

That's an excellent question, Dezel...still wondering what Symonne is doing here. Also, given what happened in the game, of course it's Dezel that talks with Symonne.

I'm considering how these lines would sound without context to the people at the front of the carriage. It's probably worse because they can only hear Rose.

But anyway, if they're practicing like this, then they're definitely going to make armatization a thing for the final battle.

Crap...I never pay attention to recipes in the game, so I have no idea if this is a clever reference.

This is funny and all, but do we really have time for this given how much explanation was ignored in the last episode?

Well...that's one way to introduce the earthpulses.

Oh yeah...after all of that build up of Lunarre's indecision, we get this. Wait, there wasn't any build up for that? What the heck is he doing here then?

Remember in season 1 when Sorey purifies a human for the first time and experiences the burden of that process? Then he immediately walks into a war zone and purifies multiple humans with no problem. They're literally doing the same thing in the second season with dragons.

After all of that frustration and exposition, this was way too easy.

Alisha gets a transformation sequence because the fans demand it!

Really, Rose? She was never-

Hey! That's my line!

Someone explain to me what this character has done to deserve such a dramatic death scene.

That's...kind of convenient.

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