Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 21: Onward to victory!

So uh...I guess we're suddenly making preparations for the final battle. This episode felt like the series suddenly realized that it's almost the end of the season and fast-forwarded to get close to the ending of the story. It's kind of a bummer because it made certain aspects, like the reconciliation between Rolance and Hyland and the addition of Zaveid, feel trivialized.

But hey...if they give Alisha the ability to use armatization, all will be forgiven because that's what everyone hated about the game, right?

I love how casual Sorey is being about this when it's completely his fault that Alisha and Rose are still out.


Thanks? We really needed to be told that?

Has she really been hanging around for nine days? What exactly is she doing here? This was also kind of a random shift in tone for the episode.

I feel like this is one of those scenes that's simple to interpret when you don't know the Berseria story, but difficult when you do. It's technically true, since Velvet is the beginning of calamity, as the chapter title indicates, but it feels like it would be easy to misconstrue.

So which side are you on? Using different costumes for your characters or just using the base costumes? These are very important topics being introduced in the anime.

Wait...that's not supposed to happen.

I think this line is important. Mikleo captures exactly my problem with this entire setup. What exactly is this mission? Why are people from Hyland getting recruited to come along? It sounds a lot like they're preparing for one final battle against the Lord of Calamity, but the atmosphere really doesn't feel like that's what this mission is. It feels too light-hearted.

Why does this entire set of scenes feel like major game events are being combined together into a single montage? Also, no particular reason for using this scene to make my point...no reason at all.

Also, am I the only one really annoyed by how easily Zaveid joined the group? There was no real buildup or interaction other than showing up to help Alisha and a brief conversation with Edna. But hey! He's one of us now!

Screw you, Lailah. We need these two squires to have a function that's more active than being a siphon for malevolence. Let them try armatization!

As long as they don't insist that it's impossible, I have no problem with a series of scenes to get them combat ready.

Poor Zaveid is always bullied...

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