Rewrite Episode 21: Super agent

Overall, I have fewer complaints with this episode than the previous one. Setting up Kotarou to be the double agent within Guardian and Gaia sounds like it's going to be fun. And I like this version of Kotarou who seems to know what he's doing. That being said, the one issue I have with what was introduced in this episode is this concept of re-evolution. What exactly is humanity depleting that would prevent new life from evolving if humanity were annihilated? Sure, the annihilation of humanity isn't in our best interest, but I don't see why life on Earth as a whole would be ruined.

I can tell whether this is a misconception on the younger Kotarou's intentions (in which case, it's hilarious) or some incorporation of the information from the Moon Kagari.

So, make Kagari happy or the world is destroyed forever? Kagari is surprisingly needy.

Some things never change.

Haha I can't stop laughing at this one.

Oh hey...I guess we're now fighting against both Guardian and Gaia.

Human souls are corrupted by default? Where have I heard this before?

Also, Kotarou mentions that his personality made him perfect for infiltrating Gaia, which begs the question of why he didn't originally join them. Was it just because he was upset with his parents?

Aww...Kotarou has a new pet rock.


Kagari goes from insulting Kotarou to listening to him pretty quickly.

Oh's Kotari again.

Yelling this at a middle school student...real smart, Kotarou.

Good job, dude.

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