Youjo Senki Episode 8: War sucks

So I guess this episode is where the dissent begins? Anyway, I think it's easy to get on Tanya's case about the paper subverting the law on bombarding cities and her refusal to disobey the order to take out the mages defending the civilians on the battlefield. But I refuse to believe that the Republic wasn't using the civilians as a shield. They are equally culpable for sending them into the line of fire.

I wonder if I'm being too charitable with Tanya, but I think that there's complexity with the concept of evil and I think it's too easy to write someone off as evil and stop thinking about it. There's a structure to the way Tanya approaches problems. But eh...maybe I'm just a bad person.

Oh we're back at Rhine?

Yeah...she's really impressive (what has she been doing again?).

Okay, I admit I had to rewatch this a few times to get it, but I think they're purposely dancing around saying that civilians will be eliminated if they're in the way. It's why they make a big deal out of fighting in a city and why the officer asks "who would want to be a soldier".

Well, maybe if you use the loli announcer voice again.

This fight is...kinda awesome.

This isn't too bad. Weiss gives the doubtful soldier some validation in his opinion of the operation while also removing himself from the battlefield to give the soldier room to act.

Yes...protect...we must protect.

Just following orders, right?

Is this the part where the other soldiers start doubting Tanya or becoming more like her? Hard to say.

All according to plan, huh?

Well, this isn't too surprising. Recurring antagonist is back!

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