Little Witch Academia Episode 8: Some bad ideas

I guess the gist of this episode is impulse control. Our brains are powerful and can handle many thoughts behind the scenes, but if we pursued any random idea we had, we're acting on impulse and can very easily make mistakes. Basically, the idea is that the rational portion of our brain is the sum of all of these thoughts evaluated against our own experiences.

It ends up being an interesting episode from a neuroscience point of view, but I think it assumes that the rational brain has more control than it does. The episode seemed to suggest that the rational mind had to be incapacitated (asleep) in order for these ideas to take hold, which isn't necessarily the case.

Still, I have raise my usual complaint. For an episode that was meant to be focused on Sucy, it didn't feel like we learned much about her other than the fact that she still considers meeting Akko to be an important memory. Most of the other stuff going on in her head could have easily been applied to anyone. Maybe that means the episode was more theme-focused rather than character-focused? I'm not good at this stuff.

Sucy has some really grand aspirations. I can respect that.

The transition from night to day here was both unexpected and hilarious. I love seeing stuff like this. Also, I hate that feeling when you want to trust that you did it right, but you don't want to suffer the consequences if you messed up...

Suspended for a week for ordering pizza? That's not even an experiment! These teachers are monsters!

"I volunteer as tribute!" Wait...that's the wrong show. exactly does doing Sucy's laundry and carrying her books help these two anyway? That's still just a benefit for the original, right?

This actually happens. The human brain is really good at handling thoughts like this behind the scenes without the rational part of the brain (the original Sucy) realizing it. So right now, your brain is murdering little Sucys and you'll never know them...

They're making a really big deal about not showing this Sucy's she's clearly evil.

Quality comedy.

Oops...good job, Akko. As always...

Wow, she really went full Maleficent. I guess we're taking this Sleeping Beauty reference all the way.

Taking it all the way...

I feel like I missed something.

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