ACCA - 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Episode 8: Always watching you

Okay, this episode has to be my favorite episode in a while. Maybe it's just personal preference, but I really like the lead-in to the final scenes of the episode. The flashback may have been drawn out, but when we see Nino talking to Jean, it finally has a purpose and everything lines up.

Another piece of the episode was Grossular. Even if he is Abend, it actually doesn't really exonerate him. It explains why Jean feels a connection with him, but from the audience's perspective, Abend has every reason to be upset with the royal family for forcing Schnee out. And we still don't know if there's anything sinister going on with the train "accident".

She's learning stuff? Well, we can't have that. I feel like this could have been delivered a bit better. I think the important aspect of it was that Schnee was seen with some revolutionaries, which I'm assuming means that there's a danger that she could be seen as the head of some plot to overthrow the king. But for some reason, we immediately switch to "she's reading philosophy and political science".

Additionally, I'm assuming this is irony because Jean, her son (I'm presuming), ends up caught in the exact same role.

I was going to ask why Abend was remembered as a hero when it seemed like the king's aide had such a problem with Schnee, but it makes sense if their "tragic accident" was planned by him.

There's another passenger? We were deceived!

Smart kid...wait a minute. Is that Nino? The Instagram filter on this flashback is making it hard to tell. Plus, just how much older is he than Jean?

Hold on...white hair? Grossular? mind went in the wrong direction.

Yeah, I'm kinda wondering about that too. What exactly was the plan with this kid if he hadn't been allowed to come along? Foster care? It doesn't seem like there was a mother in the picture...or any living relatives at all. Was this something that was glossed over because we knew that plot convenience would force the kid to join?

I'm having the hardest time following this guy's obsession with the princess's family. I guess he just really takes his mission seriously?

I should make a note of this... Nino spends high school taking pictures of Jean in particular? That's...a bit weird.

No reason in particular.

This is a great reveal.

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