Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen Episode 8: Flame buddies unite!

We're finally at a decent pace this week. I think we've finally blown past the obligatory "new season blues" and we've gotten to the real adaptation. This episode is still somewhat of a precursor to the real action, but at least some fights are getting started with the Impure King. Yukio's having a nice fight too...despite how one-sided it is.

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean...

Haha that's just embarrassing, man.

Arbitrary rules are not so arbitrary.

Props to this guy for not dying of straight-up blood loss.

Finally a bad guy with a weak point that's not just out in the open. Heck...they probably have to risk releasing the miasma to get at it.

Hmm...if only there was some alternate source of flames.

Hey look! Now Rin has a flame buddy!

Very reassuring. Good thing you're the protagonist, so we know you're going to draw the sword when it counts anyway.

Also, I guess I take back what I said about Rin faking the sword thing...

Even though this has been largely treated as a side quest, the interaction between these two characters is probably what I'm more interested in seeing in this arc.

Aww man...this is the first good Kuro appearance in this season and it feels so wasted.

Well, he's not wrong.

Manga Section

Again, I only have one thing to point out this week. There's a very small difference in translation that I thought was worth highlighting. When Karura is talking with Tatsuma about giving his power to Suguro, he states that Suguro is being more rational and Tatsuma responds by saying that he didn't want to get his son involved. In the manga, the dialogue is slightly different in that Karura says that Suguro is wiser than Tatsuma and Tatsuma responds by saying that this is the reason that he doesn't want to get Suguro involved. In the manga translation, Tatsuma seems to be acknowledging Suguro more and it makes for a more loaded statement compared to the anime version, which sounds like a more typical line.

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