Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 20: Share the load

Well, that resolution was a bit...fast, don't you think? I get that there was supposed to be a sense of urgency, but I felt like sticking Bartlow and the dragon in the same episode made the entire thing seem like skimping. Heck, I'm not even convinced Bartlow is dead given that we hear no thud when he falls over the railing and we never get to see what Alisha sees when she looks over. He might have just been gone. And the fact that he declares that he won in the end is never really explored...it doesn't even make sense.

But let's talk about the dragon. Wasn't this supposed to be a big deal? We just see a few of the seraphim taking out minions and then it cuts to Sorey taking the dragon down in one shot. That's not even my biggest complaint. In the game, Rose is basically a second Sorey, allowing the party to better utilize the seraphim in battle through her. In the anime, she's apparently reduced to being the girl that gets malevolence sent over when Sorey can't handle it. It's kind of a bummer...

Dang it, Alisha...you were giving your speech and everyone noticed you.

Finally doing something? It's about time.

This is a nice one. I still would have preferred to have seen more of the thought process from Alisha last week, but it makes things interesting that they used the obvious trope of saving her mentor as a decoy.

Is now really the time for this? Is this information even useful? All we really needed to know what that a dragon was behind the tornado, which you can somewhat infer anyway.

I feel like this scene would have worked better if we had a better idea of Alisha's relationship with her father. Based on the brief conversation the king had with Bartlow and the fact that Alisha and the king greet each other with something like "long time no see", it seems like appealing to the king shouldn't work.

It took me a second to realize this guy's probably a hellion or something...because there was no way he was secretly holding a weapon.

Are you serious, old man?

Given what Bartlow said earlier about propaganda being strategy, I respect the restraint shown here. Alisha could have very easily quipped with "no, this is real strategy" when revealing her ploy to get Bartlow's followers to hear his confession.

The dragon's here to ruin the moment, I guess.

Okay, I'm going to take this moment to say that the insert song playing here is nice. But back to the actual point, the dragon that they've been hyping up for a while now goes down in a single armatized shot. Really?

It's really hard to make a dramatic scene when the action consists of three characters trying to resist "evil energy" flowing into them. The seraphim could have at least tried to run some interference in the background while this was happening.

Is this leading into a fight next week? Or is she here just to gloat a bit and then run off?

Haha this is the Zestiria version of "my dad could beat your dad in a fight".

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