Rewrite Episode 20: Finally some Rewrite

Okay, I expected the desert warfare section of this story to go on a bit longer than a single episode. It's kind of a shame because we don't really get all too much time to feel bad for Luis...he's a solid bro, though, to be fair. But I think the more important "loss" here is the fact that we don't really get much time to feel bad for Kotarou either. It's clear that his experience on the front lines was meant to foster his suspicions about Guardian and paint them in a different light, but I don't think we see enough of that. Sure, his superior beats on him a little, but it's hardly enough to let the elitist nature of the organization sink in. Anyway, that's all I got for this one.

Nice shot, Bondo. Guess we're right back where we started with this arc.

I think there's supposed to be an inherent irony that someone like Kotarou, with control over his own blood, would be disturbed to his first kill (or first blood?). However, that's something that would be applicable to him even without his power, so it feels a bit generic.

Americans. Am I right?

I was expecting rainbows...for no reason.

Look, Kotarou. I understand that all of your heroines are still kids right now, but that doesn't mean it's okay for you to flirt with every loli girl you meet!

Okay, I was about to go off on Yasmin, but I'm pretty sure this broken translation is done on purpose. I guess she's learning Japanese with Kotarou.

Well, this is suspicious. Let me guess. This monster is related to Yasmin or one of the kids somehow. There's no one else who would spare Kotarou at this point.

Not the children!!

I thought this guy was dead.

Don't do that, man. Everyone knows that's how you get yourself killed.

Rewrite for the kids!

Oh, I see now. These are the Gaia summoners from the other routes. The blond kid's the crazy guy with the fire. That took me longer than it should have to figure out.

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