Little Witch Academia Episode 7: Are we sure this counts as a school?

Okay, it's not going to be surprising, but I didn't really like this episode. Sorry in advance for this post...I probably sound really salty. I'm starting to think that the problem in the magic world isn't that magic is outdated or impractical. The problem is that their best school, Luna Nova (I'm assuming it's their best school), is really bad at teaching. I feel like this entire episode proved that.

And yes, I admit that this can be tied to the modern education system, especially in America, where schools care more about producing good overall performance from their graduates than actually educating students. But I honestly felt like this episode would make even the worst modern schools look amazing.

Also, I'm still waiting for Akko to be a decent character.

That escalated quickly. Also, I'm not sure if these are magic laws or just the scary stories parents use to keep their kids from eating out of the cookie jar.

This is actually a good question. What exactly has Ursula been doing for Akko? Other than the little pep talk from last week, she hasn't really been doing too much "mentoring".

She got a C, right? If she didn't fail, then she must have gotten some of it right. That's actually kind of impressive if she was just randomly guessing.

So does all summoning count as white magic? Because this scene suggests that the classification of this spell as "white magic" is purely contingent on the outcome of the spell, rather than the nature of the spell itself.

I officially hate this teacher...for no reason in particular.

Has she actually failed anything yet? The only grades we've seen from Akko so far are a C- and a C, and those should be passes. Sure, she's at risk, but this isn't exactly asking for much, is it?

Okay, this is just infuriating. What does understanding a fish have to do with magical philosophy? This is the equivalent of hiring someone who only speaks Mandarin to teach a Calculus class and getting mad at the students who don't understand.

So...about that whole "working hard instead of taking shortcuts" thing.

This works out somehow.

Haha nice.

Since when does exhibiting altruism demonstrate that you have any philosophical understanding of the concept? Someone explain this to me.

Look, I know I sound like I'm complaining a lot, but this scene would have had a lot more meaning if this part hadn't happened. If the headmaster had moved to keep Akko in school because of what Ursula said, it would have indicated that she realized that educating Akko as a student who works hard to improve is more important than maintaining the school's pride. As it stands, nothing has really changed...Akko just got lucky.

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