Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo S2 Episode 7: Luck that surpasses the gods

I don't have a lot to say on this episode. It mostly felt like the setup for something new, so there isn't too much to say from a continuity standpoint. As always, it had some good jokes which I talk more on below. Didn't really get the hardness stuff, but I'm still guessing that's just a language barrier thing.

This is the correct reaction.

This seems useful. Uhh...I mean, Kazuma how could you say that?

At this point, this guy's getting more screen time than Wiz. He's everywhere!

Oh, they're acting wealthy because of the money Vidar is offering. That's not a bad way to set up the joke. The beginning of the flashback suggests they're doing it to mess with Megumin, but it ends up being something completely different.

I really shouldn't be surprised, but I honestly didn't expect Megumin to object like this.

This sounds like a convenient reason for Vanir not to be able to pay Kazuma. Oh...and poor Wiz.

Going a little technical. Last week, Kazuma's draining stopped Megumin from being able to cast her Explosion, so presumably it drained her mana. But in this case, he took Darkness's vitality to heal Wiz. Is it a case where he drains mana first and vitality for people without mana or does he get to choose? Or is it just plot convenience? Err...gag convenience?

CG horses because...realism?

Oh, hey there, Chomusuke. I mean...stuff about probabilities. I don't really have a complaint here because rock-paper-scissors isn't always luck-based. Plus, haven't we established that Kazuma has really high luck in this world?

Putting this here for no particular reason. Also, this scene is the most random montage ever. Is it supposed to signify that they're not coming back to the beginner town for a while?

This seems like it would be a funny joke, but I don't think it's localized correctly. Is it trying to say that Darkness is hard-headed? Or are they referring to the hardness of her armor? Or just the fact that she's generally beefy when it comes to taking hits? Using "hard" here isn't really great.

I dunno what I expected.

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