Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen Episode 7: Friends again

To be completely honest, I'd pretty much forgotten about that whole "trust between friends" thing going on between Rin and his friends. It feels like that was so long ago. Suguro gets a nice line in this episode, other than that, it's largely spent getting the gang back together to fight the Impure King. Surely, the fight starts next week, right?

What's actually going on in this scene? It seems like they're heavily suggesting that Rin is faking his inability to draw the sword, which explains why he doesn't hand the sword to Shura when she offers to draw it for him. But that's an awful lot of effort to put into faking that, so I'm finding that really hard to believe.

More importantly, Shura acts as though she expects this to happen, but...why? Why does she suspect this could happen? Rin flared up in anger when yelling at Suguro and had just proven that he could control the flames if he concentrated (with the candle test).

I guess this counts as breaking the fourth wall.

I don't know why I expected anything more from this guy.

She says this like they're going to sit around and watch as the Impure King lays waste on the city...and strangely, they seem like they want to do that. Are we sure these people are the good guys?

It's a little bit odd that Shima is the last person to agree to help save Rin from execution, but was the second person (after Izumo) to talk with Rin when everyone else was ignoring him.

"Impenetrable" isn't really the word I'd use for this. Sure, it can mean that you can't get through, but it generally implies that you can't get in...

Did this door just make the bad guy mistake of saying "there's no way you can stop me"? You can't be doing that, man...

I hate to nitpick (okay, I enjoy it a little bit), but how can Rin see Shiemi here? I guess you could make the argument that he heard her, but he shouldn't be able to look directly at her.

Also, when he breaks out of the prison, he's able to see his friends as well, so I guess the "hearing" excuse goes out the window.

Power of friendship!

Nice one, Suguro.

Manga Section

I had to dig up my physical copy of the volume for this episode (I bought them a while back, but forgot where they were). In the moment where Mamushi is telling everyone about the Impure King, both fan translations I found for the manga incorrectly translated the line about the Impure King being kept beneath Kongo-Shinzan. The line was translated in a way that made it seem like the random Exorcist was saying it, not Mamushi. But in the official translation, this is corrected so as to give the credit to Mamushi, who is the only person in the room that would have known where the Impure King was. Just a little fun fact, I guess.

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