Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 19: Alisha's problems

This episode's theme seemed to be bringing back characters we haven't seen in a long time. I didn't mind seeing Zaveid again, but even I have to admit that his role in the episode was fairly minimal. This episode felt like a waste, honestly...where a lot of legitimate moral arguments could have been made, but much of the time was spent watching Alisha sitting and looking somber by herself. Even if it would have been cheesy, she could have at least said "this is the decision that Sorey would have made" or whatever.

Yeah, cupping your ears is definitely the solution here. Those sound waves are travelling from across the world. Unless this is that thing they do in spy shows where the agent presses the earpiece closer. I'd be willing to give a lot more bonus points for that.

Well, this is kind of a boring way to get Alisha's childhood story.

Huh...I was convinced that Maltran would become a villain. She's seeming pretty loyal so far.

This sounds soooooo intimidating...

I thought for sure that Sorey would show up just in the nick of time to save Alisha, which would have completely pissed me off, but then I heard the theme song in the background and all was forgiven. I have no problem with last-minute Zaveid.

Well, this is obviously a trap. It makes things interesting, though. Alisha would want to wait for Sorey, but her mentor's situation forces her to consider rushing to action. I'm curious how someone like Alisha will handle that situation.

It's been a while since we saw you too, Lunarre. Is he here to prey on Alisha while she's vulnerable?

Trying to understand this scene. It sounds like Lunarre is trying to get Alisha to express hatred for the people like Bartlow who sat on the sidelines and called for war, but she refuses by saying that she will continue her duty as a princess. I feel like I'm missing something here because there really is no argument here.

Alisha's choice ended up being more uninteresting than I was expecting. Sure, this was probably always going to be where she went, but she's casually deciding to cause a civil war within her own people. That's not exactly trivial.

Dude...what have you even been doing this whole time?

The lead-in to the ending song actually works really well for a covert op scenario like this.

Haha poor Zaveid.

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